#24 Jordan Houlahan - Welcome To Essendon


He did the Joe Daniher snap from 30m out almost direct in front…and missed!


Will be a midfield/ forward a la Stringer/Fantasia


I like what Dodoro has done here.

I think in time this kid could develop into a very good player.

Has the prototype AFL athletic makeup and really nice skills.

We have time to develop him in the VFL and in two years should be ready to ply his trade at AFL level.


Lloydy knows how to set up a goalkicking test.


Has been used at times through the midfield at Sturt and was more than capable. Has a very good knack of extracting the ball at clearances.
Hope he gets some midfield time in the VFL next year


Yeah, I know blitz won’t like it but this kid looks exactly like the type of player you would pick if you wanted to try and find a forward you think could develop into a strong, well rounded midfielder.

Whether or not we can actually succeed with that development is another question.


Is it true he was 30 from 30 for the goal kicking test?


Yeah, the video’s up a few posts. Worth noting 30/30 means kicking 5 goals from 5 shots.


Yes but we will change that quickly. Give us a month to have him missing from 20m out straight infront :rofl:


A pretty pointless test if you ask me. Need a far bigger sample size for it to be meaningful.


i love me my forward-mid conversion. You’re Ablett, Rockliff, Zorko, Mercuri, Bewick types.


So basically he’s what we hoped Kyle Hardingham would be?


Hardingham was definitely good enough to make it. Still filthy


Yep, a more than handy 3rd/4th forward. Probably unlucky not to play more games.


Was awesome in the few vfl games I saw. Real X factor. Seemed to get found out a bit in the AFL stuff, but my memory is his body was fragile, no consistent run at it yeah?


We must be thinking of a different guy. The Hardingham i remember couldn’t kick, could only find the ball when he was on the lead and got dragged in 4 of his last 5 games or something.

One trick pony.


I always thought of him as very dynamic and exciting, but limited. Was really good as a HBF, except for the turnovers. And as a forward except for the big patches when he went missing.

Almost, but not quite.


And the multiple times per game he would try to take a screamer, misjudge the flight of the ball and get nowhere near it.


Quite the opposite to the usual HBF into the midfield Essendon prototype!