#24 Jordan Houlahan - Welcome To Essendon


From Twombstone’s Phantom Draft:


Seems a lot had him going as a 2nd rounder

Best available selection at 48 would have applied and then we then went needs I expect.


Incredibly smooth mover with a physique that will respond to our gym. I wouldn’t say vanilla, got a bit of class.


Good pick. Has obvious X factor, but it’s his tackling that really impresses me. Lot of upside I think.


Good luck Jordan

I hope this kid turns out to be a ripper but this selection reeks of the Langford and Laverde types.

Players who are non elite as a forwards or a mids. I’m no expert obviously but how about picking someone who is actually good at one thing and not someone who is so so at two things.

We all know how that turns out


What makes you think he is not elite as a fwd? And how can you expect an elite player at 48?


You are right you don’t get elite with pick 48. That’s what makes me think he is not elite as a fwd


I love that on one hand Dodoro is getting canned for picking a guy who was (according to them) exclusively a forward, now you’re having a go because he picked someone who wasn’t (according to them) exclusively a forward.

Seriously some people just have to whinge.


Elite kicking, elite leap.
Not bad for pick 48.
Quit your whinging.


Fwiw in the sun buckenara says he had houlihan at 31, so we did ok. However, houlihan has had shoulder problems. Maybe thats a factor in a notional slide to 48



Do you think Langford and Laverde should be elite already at 20 and 21 respectively?


I reckon he got to 48 because he gets fark all of the ball. Hopefully that is a function of how he was used and not a lack of game awareness.


The word is that he needs to improve his work ethic…so that probably scared off teams.


Welcome to Essendon.

Well not really as we don’t think you are very good and you don’t fill a need and we don’t think you are a forward even though you and everybody else says you are.

But welcome.


Who would have thought there would be question marks over the ability of a player at pick 48.


SANFL grand final with Houlihan and BZK (I think).



Both played in the SANFL Reserves GF and Houlahan also played in the SANFL U18’s GF the week before. Sturt won all 3 grades BTW


Houlahan closer to BOG in the 18s GF aswel


I’m hoping these guys make it but history tells us that most of our good mids were best 22 by the time they were 20, eg, McGrath, Heppell, Parish and Stants @ 19yo - all high draft picks I know - but also Merrett and Zaka (and Fanta) at 20 - all 2nd+ rounders.

Most of the players that have taken longer have been serviceable b-graders, eg, Myers 22, Colyer 23, Howlett 23, Hocking 22 and Dyson 21. Watson is probably the only exception (@ 21), but he took a bit longer to get his body right.

Even Melksham and Jetta were getting regular games @ 20 (albeit in weaker sides).

Anyway, let’s hope 2018 is a breakout year for these two (and Big Red).