#24 Jordan Houlahan - Welcome To Essendon


Get your point but a lot of those players you have mentioned didn’t play midfield from the start and are higher picks than Langford or Laverde.

Langford had actually played considerable football in his first two seasons but was held back this year to work on his midfield craft.

Lav has obviously has had his injury concerns.

I don’t think any of the players you named were elite at 20. You could argue that none have ever been elite.

We put very high expectations on our players but some require more time than others. Langford in particular I believe will make a very good footballer.


Agreed. I just thought it was interesting to look back at how long it had taken our current and previous crop of mids to ‘make it’.

There’s a lot to like about Langford and he seemed to make good progress last year. Fingers crossed.


Yes, almost somes him up. Had he been an accurate kick for goal, or reliable with his disposal on hbf, he might well have been a very good footballer


Champion Data ranked this guy at 16.

Hopefully means less about Champion Data being a rubbish point of reference and more about Jordan’s potential.


Hird came in at 79. We might be lucky again.


Of course they rated a guy who didn’t go in the top 10 the “best ever”.

But for an “upside pick” to be rated highly statistically (ie on what he has produced to date) is a good sign…


Quite a few phantom drafts had him around the 30 mark so I’m not surprised we took him.

We obviously had somebody else in mind not expecting him to still be there.


He was playing on ball for portions of that sanfl grand final and looked pretty good!


Basketball background


Of course not. However it would be nice if by now at least one of them was a regular in our best 22. Yes I know Laverde has been hindered by injury

Having said that I have always rated Langford as a forward. I reckon the attempts to make him a mid will hinder his progress as a forward and he will be in and out of the side forever as a result. I could be wrong. Anyway our loss if it doesn’t work out


Langford will make an excellent mid that can roll forward.

AFL has no room for forwards his height that can’t do anything else.

Geelong were trying to ship Menzel off and he kicked 40 goals for the year. You have to be able to add value in other areas of the ground.


I hope you are right Killer


Break out year. Bank on it.


Heppell is a serviceable B grader who took a few years to establish himself? You know he was the rising star winner in his first year and an All-Australian and best and fairest a couple of years later right?


Dyson as in Ricky, not Hep. :slightly_smiling_face:


Makes sense


Hope he jumps in like Pev.


Ricky was as established early as Stanton. He just then went backwards.


I would have gone as fare to say that in the early days Ricky was ahead of Stants. Unfortunately there was that incident where he was beaten up and he didn’t seem to be the same player after that. I dont know if that was the cause or it was just the way the players developed but that is my recollection.


I don’t agree with being as established as Stants, but absolutely agree with it affecting his development.