#24 Jordan Houlahan - Welcome To Essendon


Hmm, I’d always heard that something happened, but never what. Thanks for the further info.

Was a favourite of mine and thought he was going to be a top player. Still thought he was a strong contributor even when he was let go.


The two thinks I will always remember Ricky for:
A) Goal from the boundary in the Anzac game
B) 50 meter bullet pass from center wing into the forward fifty to Jetta against the Eagles (2012?)


C: A multitude of trade scenarios.


Even 3 years after he’d left


The first rule of the Jordan Houlahan thread, is not to talk about Josh Houlahan.


Looks arrogant


I reckon you’d be wrong, not sure Ricky played a full season until about 2009. Stanton was established from their second year.


Happy to be corrected


I’m not that sure you should be.

My feeling was that Ricky was more of a regular, earlier than Stants.


Dyson played 10, 11, 17 games in first 3 seasons
Stants plyed 15, 19, 22


You’re wrong

Ricky was quicker, he looked more exciting, and a lot of us thought he might end up better - Stanton started in front and just kept chugging along.


Ricky Dyson got beaten up? Like bashed?


Yeah, pretty badly.


What was the story?


Don’t remember too well, something about being assaulted while waiting for a taxi. Face looked pretty beaten up, cuts and bruises. Nothing broken or permanent but the kind of thing that can mess with a young guy’s head.


Down in Port Melbourne after a teammate’s birthday “bash”, is what I recollect.


I like Houlahan. Only got those two clips at the start to judge him, but he besides his strong leap and marking, I really like the way he moves – looks balanced and composed. Plus he tackles. I reckon he’ll be a very good player.


Got a long way to go but certainly got something to work with.

Could be a steal.


The main minus against him from the AFL Draft central blurb is his endurance. https://www.afldraftcentral.com.au/player/jordan-houlahan/

And as raised in other articles, there is a concern about his commitment. So he needs to work hard. No guarantee he’ll have the mental strength required to apply oneself the way you have to. We’ve seen lots of examples of gifted players falling short in that area. But if the club can get him to do the hard work he should be something special.


He looks very well balanced.

With Bird, Stanton, Hocking and Howlett gone there should be opportunities for these young kids to get a run in midfield at VFL.

If he works hard he should be ready to go in a couple of years.