#24 Jordan Houlahan - Welcome To Essendon


I’m hoping for next year, but I’ll keep my powder dry and let things take their natural course.
Lots to look forward to next year with the ins we have gotten.


If he breaks into the side next year then he will be an out and out gun.

We have so much depth of quality the competition for spots is going to be hot.




Fair “plays like” :slight_smile:


Jeremy Howe seems to be the better comparison


Maybe at this stage of his career.

Looks a future mid to me.


That might be “has similar qualities to”

But “plays like” might be about getting the ball via marks in the F50. Howe’s not much into that.


Houlahan reckons he’s tried to model himself on Jack Gunston, which I thought myself that’s who he resembled.

but… in the end he’ll play like Jordan Houlahan


The club doesn’t muck around getting the new boys out and about. My wife had the pleasure of meeting Jordan and Mason Redman today. They and Skeeta were all doing charity work for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

She sent through a photo and I recognised mini BJ, but had no idea who Houlahan was. Fortunately, despite her knowing nothing about footy, she was able to confirm who it was!

Apparently both were very generous with their time and were really great guys. Clearly they passed the stringent character test!


But can they spell Gatorade backwards?


As long as he doesn’t play like Norman Gunston


We’re grooming him to be a mid.



How’s Houlahan progressing?
I was at the final Christmas training session behind the goals and Stewart, J Merrett, Green, Begley, Fantasia and Houlahan were having shots at goal from a very tight angle. It was a pretty windy day and the first 5 players tried the banana kick and all missed.
Houlahan was last to have his shot and lined up with the regulation drop punt much to the abuse of the other players “Drop punt?? He’s not serious is he?” etc. Sure enough, the shot sailed through the goal and never looked like missing.
He just jogged away with a smile while all of us watching from the boundary line clapped and cheered in amazement. Well done Jordan!


We took Houlahan at pick 24 last year. iow he was the best available at our first pick. With small-medium forward depth lacking right now, does anyone have a handle on how this kid is going in the VFL?



Pick 49


Oh, I beg your pardon.


So killer Mike, How is he going?


He will take a while to get his feet I think.

I don’t pay a great deal to him to be honest because he’s not getting a lot of it but from what I see he’s long term.

That med/small forward type role is one of the toughest to impact in the game I think.


He’s a few years project at best. Which isn’t encouraging for draftees in the current AFL climate unless they’re ruckmen