#24 Nick Bryan - instigating mêlées til 2025

Do I think a guy who’s amassed 14 games in five years, can’t get a game in a two ruck system when one of the rucks is injured, and was actively replaced with a 35 year old might not get drafted until the late 30s? It wouldn’t shock me.

It would shock me.
And I doubt we could get an adequate replacement for that compensation.


draper had never played an AFL game and was offered a 4 year contract with much less exposed VFL/AFL form than Bryan.
clubs need to pay well for potential upside, especially when the early development period has been served and the tall is physically ready to elevate their level.
bryan is a talented young ruck who is very good at ruck work. he needs to add other bits but neither rome nor harry jones were built in a day.


Are you sticking with this? He dominated Goldstein all day today.

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Yes, i am never wrong!

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Meanwhile this Bryan guy is having some ■■■■■■■ game.
Just has to come in.



If he walks (I would if I was him) we are stuffed.

will not be denied

even kicked 2

We can always just say no.
That would obviously depend on whether Brad actually rates him or not.

We’ll find out on Thursday

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must get a game this week.

25 disposals, 2 goals, 15 clearances, 39 hitouts,


Was about to mention the clearances. Good edit :smiley:

25 disposals is pleasing. It’d be nice to have a ruck who actually found it a bit more


You can see why other clubs would want him given the ridiculous numbers he’s putting up at VFL level. If he can even take some of that and transfer over to the top level, he will make it as a player. Unfortunately it looks as if no matter what he does, he will be stuck behind Draper in the pecking order and he’s just a big, enigmatic oaf/meme of a footballer.

It’s time.


Bring him in!

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Obviously deserves a game at this point. Goldstein was well beaten today. We are losing close to nothing on gameday and will get more games into a young ruckman. Should be an easy decision.


If he doesn’t get a call up this week, he never will.

Goldstein has started badly last two weeks then worked back into it. Not sure what that means going forward but I’d like to see what Bryan has got at some point and next week seems as good a time as any.

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Bryan keeps knocking on the door!!!

Not fair to not reward him with senior selection

I’d go all in against an injury depleted Richmond
Give him the main gig for the entire game. Rest Goldy.

I love Goldy but the end cones quickly for AFL players and it will be no different for him.

We cannot afford to lose a gilt edged ready made ruckman who’s young and in high demand by other clubs.