#24 Nick Bryan - instigating mêlées til 2025

Never said Bryan would not make it, but it is no good being a champ in the VFL and then not play well enough to stay in the Firsts.

Maybe if Bryan had been given the opportunity as Weideman last year and Davey Junior this year we would be seeing better results, but we are not seeing Bryan even shows signs of being anything better than average.

I guess to be fair, the whole team, except for Ridley and maybe Durham as pretty poor at consistently taking overhead marks around the ground. Reckon you would expect big blokes like, Goldstein, Wright, Jones to be able to at least take 20 marks a game between them not 4.

He’s 22 he’s average like Goldy and Draper this year.
Remember how English looked as a young ruck, now he is one of the best in the league.


Given how they looked to use Draper this year, I feel like the plan is Draper to be the forward/impact ruck with Bryan carrying the majority of ruck time.

You say that like he was ever going to stay in the firsts, when basically he was giving Goldstein a week off. He could have had 45 HOs, 30 possessions, 10 marks and 2 goals and he’d still have been playing 2s the next week.

Essendon have been pretty consistent at selection. If Goldstein is fit, he plays. That’s what they recruited him for. Goldstein and Bryan don’t play together, because neither is a good enough forward. Bryan just needs to keep dominating at VFL level and he’ll get opportunities. Hopefully we see the Bryan/Draper combo at some point this year, because that’s the one that we’ll be looking at next year and beyond.


Do we need Goldstein next year as insurance?

Would you give Goldstein a 1 year contract for 2025?
  • Yes
  • No
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Whether it’s Goldstein or somebody else, there should basically be zero debate that we need three rucks on the list who are ready to play AFL footy. That gives you the right level of coverage. Visentini as your slow burn, project ruck/fwd on the rookie list.

Then it just becomes a debate around whether Bryan is given the chance to shift up to being the number 2 seed or remains the number 3 seed. Assuming we keep him to his contract that is.

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Is dekoning ooc?

I’d rather we chase a younger ruckman tbh!

Yeah like Goldstein was supposed to be just insurance this year.

While Brad is coach and Goldstein is fit, he will always be number 1 ruck no matter how he is playing.

If Goldstein wanted to be a backup / insurance guy, he would have just stayed where he was.

When he came to us, it was always to play more senior footy.


If Bryan asks to leave and you were in the market;

  • My first pick would be Moyle, second fiddle to Witts until at least end of 2026 and they don’t play 2 rucks - but GC would overpay to keep him since Read won’t be ready for a while.
  • Sweet is behind Soldo at Port and Visentini might come on sooner rather than later (I don’t rate him though)
  • A couple of sites have Meek OoC (not that young at 26) but I swear he’s contracted for another year or two. Either way, hawks have him, Reeves, Lynch and Ramsden so you could maybe target one of them.

I’d rather persist with Bryan but tbh I don’t see his situation being better at another club.

If Bryan left I would offer $$ to Soldo, He only had a 1 year deal I believe at port.
And after a year in Adelaide might want to go back to Victoria.
Soldo and Draper can both play forward and both attack the contest.

Max Lynch?

He medically retired due to concussion last year.


Cincotta with his best ever game in career against Merrett.

I would not have any issue us moving Bryan on - if we think Vigo is a chance to come on.

Next season we keep Goldy for another year and fast track Vigo a bit as VFL number one ruck and obviously run with Draper/Goldy and Wright for games, resting goldy prob more next year. We then draft another rookie/late pick tall for backup in the VFL.

If we can try and get Bryan a soft game this year in the AFL where we think he can dominate a bit to boost his value, then park him back in the VFL.

I think we could upgrade a second to a first rounder, or mid first to early first easily with him, readymade talls who have done an apprenticeship - especially rucks that are not on the backup merry go round are hard to find. Tere are quite a few teams looking for rucks, so this could be a great way for us to get some draft capital for what is essentially an underutilised asset.

Problem is that Goldstein keeps getting picked and he is not clearly much better than Bryan. Draper adds enthusiasm and action, but I guess unless they play Bryan for ten games we are never going to know.

I thought that getting a 36 year old bloke was not a step forward, and it is a pattern that we dont seem to develop some players. Unlike giving Weideman all thise games last year and Davey Junior a long stretch as well. Need to do the same with Bryan and Caddy.

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I know. Let’s be the 4th dumbass club sucked in by Brayden Preuss!

In all seriousness, one of the few ruck prospects who I’d look at is Max Heath. He’s 22 in a few months. Out of contract at the end of this year and stuck behind Rowan Marshall. Probably a hard sell given it’s not as though he’d walk into an AFL game here either but we at least tend to prefer a two ruck system.

He had 60 hitouts a couple of weeks ago. 24 and 2.2 a couple of weeks before that. Worth a look.

It all depends a fair bit on how we view Bryan and his potential from next year onwards though too.

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Just trying to work out.
Are you a supporter of Bryan getting more games this season? Or not?
He’s definitely for mine worth playing as much as possible now. He’s our future ruck alongside Draper next season.

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I am conflicted. I go to the footy to watch us win games, but deep down all I want is another flag before I die, which will be sooner than later.

So I assume Goldstein was hired and is picked so we have a bigger chance of winning games. there can be no other reason to recruit a 36 year old and play him before a 22 year old.

So I want Bryan to show he is better than Goldstein and get good enough to win ME a flag. I have not seen evidence of this yet, so I am cranky at him for not doing better and pissedoff at Scott for picking Goldstein. Hence I am conflicted !!

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Bacchus … hold tight.
We will get you that flag :ok_hand: