#25 Jake Stringer (Part 1)

I knew all those other Players & Clubs were on drugs.

In the 2km time trial he ran a PB by about 20 seconds.

Audio included:


Who were the people that didn’t want him at our club…come on, where are you?


Were there many? I must admit I only vaguely recall that trade thread, but I thought it was mainly positive.

There were quite a few.

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The thread where Stringer was just a twinkle in a Blitzer’s eye…

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Bit like joe


Yep there was.

I remember quite a few saying “fck Stringer just get Smith and Saad and take our remaining picks to the draft.”

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Now we just need him to nominate us!

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Was quite surprised that Jake nominated Essendon a lot of speculation was that Geelong was his preference

Don’t forget Smackaroo

Dodoro did pretty well I thought

He’s very good at the trade table and getting players to commit to Essendon I just don’t rate his drafting that highly I think that should be left to some one else.


Like Rob Forster Knight our head recruiter?


He’d be spun gold if we put a bit more focus into development. You can’t just draft someone in and say kill it if you treat coaching dept, fitness programs etc. secondary to cleaning up the mess of the last decade.

You said yourself you like Murphy, caracella etc.

Now that we’re starting to spend I expect a king of Moomba jacket in the next couple of years.

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2016 Jakey incoming.

Yeh but it depends who gets the credit will it be - Caracella, Rutten and Murphy…or Dodoro / Forster Knight

I’ll level with everyone something you’ve all harboured suspicions about for many years - I generally have no idea what I’m talking about.

In this case I think I’m near the mark. If we haven’t been getting blokes to the level they need to play at the pointy end consistently for whatever reason, laying the blame at the foot of one person is like saying global warming is the responsibility of your mother in laws flatulence.