#25 Jake Stringer (Part 2)

His kids are ours!

Suck it Dogs

I’m excited about a Stringer F/S.


He’s lost weight, is focussed and seems happy ……fitness is building …….i think we will get the 2021 Jake this year …….look out Anzac Day !!!


That trade worked out nicely for us

Tell the others to hit him on the chest then.

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Merrett said Stringer, who last week expressed his intent to remain at Essendon beyond next season, was in a “great spot” this summer and could still be a “special” player if he could increase his running capacity from an indifferent 17-game campaign in 2023.

“Jake is one of those guys I think all around the league you look at who’s got untapped talent all the time, and so how do you get that more consistently,” he said.

“I think if he’s in a good mental space and physically feels fit and can run and cover the ground, I think demands of the game continue to increase you need to be able to run at a high level now … if he can cover the ground and get to more contests he’s so special in those contests.

“The type of player he is, I think every club wants that type of player, but you have to be able to do it consistently and we’ve seen that with guys like (Jordan) de Goey, (Christian) Petracca and (Dustin Martin) over the last four of five years, real matchwinners who when the game gets bigger and the pressure comes on, they seem to step up, as we’ve seen last year in the grand final with Jordan, who had an amazing September.”


That was a pretty interesting interview.

I reckon the new club Psychologist has added a lot of value to Jake…and the others.


We should’ve gone harder for De Goey


Who’s this ?

Merrett really believes Stringer is the needle mover within the club. He is our Spiritual on field leader.
Goldys hits to advantage will benefit Stringers midfield time and these two will form a good centre clearance combo.


100% it helped Richmond win flags.

Richmond pre flags were similar to us imo


careful now…

So anyone got any intel on his “troubles”? He given up the drink?

Hasn’t he had mental health issues (depression) and ongoing foot issues?

everyone has personal troubles they need to work through.

jake has his. not sure we really need to know.

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Ah so it’s alright for stringer to not adhere to living an AFL lifestyle then.

Brad talks the talk. But he has his favourites and bends over backwards for them

Its only natural people will be curious to be fair…he is entitled to his own privacy I agree, but I guess when you are an AFL footballer in the spotlight indicating troubles in a national paper…people will ask questions.

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Read between the lines, not everything is black and white.