#25 Jake Stringer (Part 2)

He’s probably getting 3 zinger towers for dinner

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I wouldn’t sign Jake until towards seasons end.


I think he’ll get two

I’m sold!


When is his 200th is it Dreamtime?

1 year with a 2nd year trigger is the obvious contract, gotta keep him hungry



Being the legend that he is, I don’t doubt that Jake would be fanatical about the Tower Burger.


I’d rest Jake this week to make him hangry for dreamtime.
Debut Caddy.

I like the idea of resting him.

What are your thoughts on him being the sub? Would enable other players to get a full game in the vfl.
Would be an amazing impact player if things aren’t going well and we actually need a spark.
Of course if he does actually have a biggie worthy of actually not playing then yeah, week off.

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I think one game soon all of jake, goldy, hepp need to be managed.
Probably cox and jones too, but for different reasons.
I wouldn’t include them as sub, as we can trial other players in that role, and ensure the players have a 2 week preparation for next match.

His “Stringer first” mentality is creeping back in. Will take on 5 tacklers and kicks the scrappiest left foot snap if it means he has a chance at a goal.

I think Brad needs him to pull his head in.


Heppell does not seem to need a rest. He’s playing as well as he has in years.

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Agree with the Heppell comment, he is playing well and appears to be in cruise mode.

I don’t completely agree with this. The scrappy kicks for goal I do agree. But if you are talking about the holding the ball decision where he tried to take on 5 players then I didn’t mind that. There are times when he tries to barge through players and it doesn’t work but, once again, I don’t mind that. At least it shows a physical intent. I think that is why has attended so many centre bounces this year. To add that element of physical power.

Though, I will admit, yesterday he looked a little slow when the ball didn’t go his way and had to chase. But he wasn’t the only one.

I don’t know this for a fact but I do wonder if his coaches have encouraged him to crash and bash.

He hasn’t reached the heights of 21 but he has had a good year. Been a long time since we have had a forward line with so many targets.

Problem with Jake is that he can kick the impossible 50 meter from the boundary yet miss from 20 meters dead in front.


I’m not saying he’s being completely selfish. More just that some bad tendencies are creeping in.

Just needs to be told that sometimes he doesn’t need to do it all himself.

I absolutely loved when he took that mark 50m out near the boundary and straight away went “yeah, I’ll fkn slot this one”. Then absolutely nailed it.

He’s enigmatic at times but he can do some insanely brilliant footballing things.


Expect for his set shots in close, Stringer is doing just fine.

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yeah but the baseline should be kick the easy ones… he’s left 4 or 5 sitters out there in the last few weeks


I agree, I don’t get those misses. Wright did the same yesterday in the last quarter. Just kick through the farking ball like you do from 50m. They look like they are trying to shape the ball through from 20m out almost direct in front.