#25 Jake Stringer (Part 2)

I didn’t forget him.
It’s not only about rotations.
It’s about not having Durham and Caldwell match up against absolute monsters like Rowell, Cripps, Green at CB, and thus fatiguing them within games and then compromising their running capacity.

That’s why I mentioned ya ‘head in the trough’ types in Hobbs & Setterfield.

I expected to see Setterfield (CBAs=0) and Archie (CBAs=4) in there more often to give our mids a breather tbh. Stringer for mine is only for CBA cameos at key moments these days.

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I feel like they are giving him CBA time to get him involved in the game as he is having no impact up forward. Problem is, he is having no impact in centre bounces either.


Asking him to do too much. Great as a medium forward, good as a big bodied centre bounce specialist but average when asked to do it all.

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We were better when he came in as a disrupter. Giving more CBAs to Perkins and Caldwell. I think we should hold him for when we want to change things or get him in the game. Not him he the primary CBA player.

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Stringer to me looks frustrated. Looks to be labouring as he looks like he’s lost some of his power that he relies on. His energy seems down quite a bit lately.
Doing too many J Daniher type lazy ■■■■ like trying to take hangers almost every second entry because he’s constantly behind.
Keeps trying to break too many tackles by changing direction too often in tight situations and getting caught instead of going first option.
Also seems rushed when he does get the ball in space and scrubbers his kicks.
Only thing working for him at the moment is the set shot goals he scores from on the boundary near the 50 arc.
Perhaps he copped the flu worse than any of the other guys a few weeks ago or is just tired but something ain’t right with him at the moment.
Hopefully the bye and a refresh sorts him out for the back half of the year and we see second half 2021 season Jake, but I’m doubtfull that that’s going to happen.

On the other hand, if he was tucked up against the boundary from 55 out in the pouring rain…

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Add that we’re playing a game where nothing is at stake and I’ll put $1000 on him.

The package has turned into the parcel the last couple of weeks. Needs support though

Joe Daniher says hi.

Jake is just working hard to show people contract year Stringer is a myth.

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Perhaps he’s struggling to main his frustration at the abhorrent inside F50 entries and how congested it is in there.

He’s also about 12 or so goals behind the leading Coleman medalist.

Haters gotta hate

Perhaps he’s one of those players that provide more impact and power when carrying a few extra pounds.
There’s a certain fast food chain that just might help him get his mojo back…

Go for it Jakey boy. Whatever makes you tick and kick goals.

spending way too much time in the middle.

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Big 2nd half of the season for Jake, need to see him power through the rest of the season, if his body tires and can’t put in the effort required I wouldn’t offer a contract. Players who can only last half a season aren’t required, might sound harsh but we need to make tough calls.


I think like the rest of the team needed a rest and reset.

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Yeah, wish we had 2 byes this year.

We will have after finishing top 4 and winning in the first week of finals.

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That’ll mean three byes including the pre-finals week off.

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II wasn’t sure that was still a thing.