#25 Jake Stringer


I tried to very belatedly split the second thread at an appropriate point, but Blitz cracked the sads and wouldn’t let me shift so many posts at once.

Anyway… welcome to the Dustin Fletcher Hangar.

Stringer Thread II - 10,000 posts was Not Enough

Watch us stuff this iup and he goes to geeelong


Stringer: Forward or back?


Stringer: Forward or Mid?


Did we get him? havent heard much about it


10. Darren Bewick.




Is he playing for us now? Cool.


Imagine BT’s reaction to us having both THE PACKAGE and Orrraaaazzzzzzzioooooow Fan-ta-zee-a!


i think hes that italian kid that shaved his head in thailand. from the bulldogs.


Can he string along 200+ games from now?


He’s going to compete with Stewart for the third tall forward spot. And, Hooker is going back.


The most long lived Blitz meme ever. Love it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Maybe Dyson and a third rounder.


Doesn’t he already play for us?


He has not yet nominated us?


We’ll screw this up.


My sources say he’s going to Geelong along with Devon Smith whom has family down that way


wheres @alex.f.94 ? i want to know how he feels about us picking him up


wont get stringer


Would be good depth