#25 Jake Stringer




Last year they were pretty quick with O’meara when he had more knee issues so I don’t think it’s just us they like to bully.


Watching the Aflw I was reminded of how its not easy to pick up unique Afl skills, like body positioning to take a hit, collect a ball in dispute in a pack of players and dish off cleanly by hand, if you didn’t practice exactly those skills, over and over, as a kid.

Not sure of Jake’s junior and TAC background, but a fwd to midfielder switch is going to be a lot harder than going the other way. Fear that we’ve picked up another so-so mid sized fwd who has shown glimpses, and that’s it… and it’s not like we have a shortage of those. But still, two games in, he needs a lot more time to work it out, so hanging in with a sense of optimism.


Lots of people don’t like whaetley on here but this is spot on. I don’t see the need to play him as a midfielder right now. I see the need to get him in 2015/16 form and get him playing arrogant, awesome footy. Build him up. If we want him to be a midfielder, give it a go next pre season

“(The Bombers) need to build him up just to be a solid, consistent footballer for the time being and they need to aid him in doing that. They can’t set him tasks that he’s not capable of doing at a time when, I suspect, his confidence is fragile.

“Make him the player that he has been and let him build from there. Once he’s done that, then if you think he’s capable of more, go and do that.”


I somehow deleted this last night with slippery vino fingers so I’ll repost.

I do not enjoy Robbo’s opinion’s on many things. They are often inclined toward controversy, backed with a melodramatic rant and excessive hand gestures that remind me of my Italian family after several home-made grappas.

Gerrad however made a good point in that we may be trying to make him into something (a mid) he isn’t/hasn’t been before, before making him into the player he used to be (a gun forward) from years past.

He suggested restoring Jake to a standard then improving from there, especially given the confidence player he is. I tend to agree on this in several ways without conceding he won’t be a midfield asset in the future.

I realise the attraction of midfield time was apart of what attracted to him coming. But is the option of him predominately playing forward for the sake of him gaining form taken out of our hands by the fact our forward line (non-mosquito) is ‘full’?

edit: pretty much what PP said


Can I say with absolute sincerity that you have the best avatar on Blitz? Kudos sir


Robbo trying to fire up talk before Stringer plays his old team. Useless ho-hum article.


Thank you, it’s my Sistine Chapel


Stringer played a fair bit of midfield as a junior. Dogs pigeon-holed him as a forward because the only other option was Tory Dickson.


Looks like 2 TV commentators had a discussion about a player. They each had an opinion. It then looks like the Channel they work for made up the most grave and explosive headline using more poetic license than Bob Murphy and published it.

Nothing to see here move on.


how does robbo even still have a gig? i don’t know anyone that just goes ‘you know what? i really want to know what robbo thinks about footy?’

i hate whatley but at least i understand his appeal. robbo otoh? sounds like that drunk uncle thats no longer funny and just sad.



Yep, jumping the gun is an understatement. Much like saying he was a bust recruit after his first JLT game where he got ironed out, and quite possibly concussed.

They are honestly just looking to stick the boots in.
From what I have seen so far of Stringer, he has worked harder in the last 2 matches than he ever did in half a season of football at the Dogs.

I’m pretty happy so far, from what I have seen.


Agreed, if he can keep the tackling up and just slowly work his way up to close to 20 disposals by seasons end with the odd multi goal haul here or there, i’m satisfied.


There’s an argument to be made that it’s easier to build his confidence in a different position. Getting confidence back playing in a familiar position only works if you play well. He was not good last year playing forward, and if he was down on himself about it I don’t imagine starting off a new season at a new club playing badly as a forward would do much to improve his confidence. At least playing midfield modest goals can be set and everyone can be genuine in being pleased when they’re achieved.

Plus, putting him forward would probably mean Hooker back and we all know that ain’t happening.


Yeah, wakely can go do something he’s very good at - barefaced lying and licking the AFL’s nuts.


It’s Robbo. The man is a knee jerk idiot. Stringer is a minimum 12 - 18 month gradual development project as a midfielder. And even then he won’t be the finished article, but he’ll have the tank, the skills and the positioning nous. It can’t be learnt overnight, and neither can it be learnt at half forward. Once more just to reiterate my point - Robbo is a freakin’ clown!


I think the club underestimated how far back Stringer was coming from. I think we fans under-estimated it even more.


The fans are forgiving of performances when its visable that the player is working hard and applying defensive pressure.

The fans are not forgiving, when a player is taking his AFL opportunity for granted and giving half efforts when things arnt going his way.


What makes you say that?


blitzers vs regular fans?

generally we’re a pessimistic bunch with a few hyper types.