#25 Jake Stringer


The club would have known what his fitness levels were like from day one of preseason.


I agree that he’s coming from a fair way back. We are trying to turn an out of form forward into a big bodied midfielder because we lack one. That’s a big ask.


(Did you just say he has a big arse???)


No doubt.


Has Stringer ever had 20 touches plus in a game of footy? Big ask for him to suddenly be that player overnight





Still think hes carrying a couple.
Be interesting to have a photo of him playing in his AA year against now.


He will play a shocker this week, bookmark it!

He will play average footy for the rest of the year with a few cameos.

We didn’t draft him for the player he is in 2018, we drafted him for the player he will be in the coming years.

Relax people.


Stringer is a bull. He’s just not a midfield bull yet.


He’ll kick 4 tomorrow.


It isn’t just him, the whole Bulldogs list has been falling apart, mentally and physically.

Not sure what was going on down at the kennel but it wasn’t good.


Because they ostracised a ■■■■ wit but not the biggest ■■■■ wit at the club so the culture still stinks. Also bevvo drinks his own bath water and likes Dr who.


I want him in for the centre bounce after every goal


You’re sending mixed messages here…


Guys, Jake is 23 years old. He is younger than: Stewart, JoDan, Walla, Ambrose, Hartley, Jerret etc.

He has plenty of time to develop into a top-line mid if he works at it.


No I’m not. Dr who watchers are the weirdest subset of. People since scientologists.


This is the difference in build from his 2015 AA year to now.
Hes put on muscle but also carrying some excess fat. Hes too heavy i tell ya! Lacks a bit of zip.
Look at other images and around the legs and butt particularly hes heavy…that extra spark he needs can come from dropping 5kg.

Maybe as the season progresses, he will shed a couple and then take that into the next preseason where he can really consolidate and build on however the fitness staff see the balance between his size power speed and strength.

On appearances it seems unbalanced to me (more size but less speed and agility).


But his head looks smaller.


I see what you mean now, I didn’t realise he didn’t have legs at the dogs.

Impossible to draw anything from a few still frames without context, even less if you chop one of them in half.


Looks fitter and stronger. Game has changed because the dogs style that year surprised everyone. He was getting ■■■■ off delivery every 2 minutes and the defenders were chasing their own tails. Blitz is in Loserville, need a win to stop the rot.