#25 Jake Stringer


He has more ink! Surely that adds to his weight problem.


Well, no der he’s flabby. And that’s before he gets compared to LAV, who perhaps wants his spot.


Yeah when you search through better full images his legs and glutes were significantly thinner


Hope he destroys the dogs today, the way they treated him was a disgrace.


Hope he grabs the jumper after kicking the sealer.


And beats his chest like a…( someone finish that off for me)


Pirate who lost the key?


Early in the 2nd qtr


Mark Whalberg in a sh*tty mid 90’s thriller?


He’s going to get the true taste of playing for Essendon when he gets chewed up and spat out by the fans post game if he doesn’t contribute today.


That and Anzac Day are the two big moments of any Essendon player’s career.


Must Iron out Jason Johanissen to prove his loyalty to us.


A close third is being a forward/defender and being made into a failed midfielder.


will kick 5 in the first, give the crowd the finger, go have a shower and go home.

We will win by a hundred


One of the very few who are showing a bit of heart today.


He’s getting his hands dirty.

The magic will come soon enough.


Been having a go. One of our best.


He’s nearly there


I’m sorry Jake on behalf of the Essendon faithful


He’s a forward Mr Worsfold