#25 Jake Stringer


Looks like Butterbean


Haha it will come…some delusional fans here.

His life imploded and his footy is junk.
Is what it is.


More interested in his tatts and fashion. Sort yourself kid


The only bloke out there who had anything that resembled a heart today.

Another pour soul like Goddard who was sold magic beans.


The guy is a very good forward. I think we should try him there.

Just wish he’d look a bit more interested


I hear he’s training the house down.


Was ■■■■ today. Get real people.
He only tries when the ball is within 5 meters.

He needs to gets serious. He’s carrying 5 kilos easily.

But agree. Just play him forward. Hooker back.
It’s a better balance.


We could get him to stay forward but the coaches have well and truly undone the good work there to the point where it is almost completely dysfunctional once again so he’s not going to find any easy ball up there either.

Agree he needs to drop 5 kgs though.


thought he was great until he was poked in the eyeball, and good after then still

plays with an intensity most of the team lacks


were you at the game?


Yeah, I noticed that too.

How much that is about his lack of fitness, and how much that is about him being farkin lazy, I’m not sure.

I didn’t think he was sh*t today, but he was only just ‘ok.’


were you there?


Less sh*t then the others I think sums his game up.


Good first half, died after that.

He’s ahead of the others at least in that he had a good half!


Unfortunately yes


On the TV he probably looks better because he looks like he’s working really hard.

Watching him at the ground he is just so out of shape. He looks like a suburban footballer.
You expect him to win the one on ones in the forward line and he didn’t. And then he doesn’t chase.

He needs to shape up to play anywhere near the midfield. Starting him there was just the start of the end.


Yeah, I think he has the skills and attributes to be a pretty damn decent midfielder, but his fitness is just too far off for him to be anywhere near the midfield atm. It’s miles off for a forward too.

It’s a concern. Not a surprise, but a concern.


How people cannot see that he will never be a midfielder boggles my mind. He’s an all Australian forward who kicked about 100 goals in two years not long ago. 3 weeks in and he hasn’t kicked one farking solitary goal for us

He’s workrate is sh*t when he isn’t involved, he’ll never run the other way hard enough to be a midfielder. He’s a selfish, arrogant forward who doesn’t defend. Give him back THAT role


He did kick a goal for us today.


He’s going to take a while, … but he looked better at it a fair few times today.