#25 Jake Stringer


LOL. Did he. Was that in the last when I walked outside? Fair enough. That aside, please just play him forward for now to let his confidence build. even if you insist on trying to turn him into a midfielder


I don’t think they will WOB, … it’s starting to make sense why they gave Woosha 2 years when they did.

Everythings been turned on it’s head, and there’s a brand new system to learn, and players learning completely new roles, … and it’s going to take time, and it’s going to get messy at times like it did today is what I’m thinking in the sober(ish) cold light of …night?? :thinking:


We’re tanking?!?


Wooden spoon floodgates have opened


Nailed it. He has been poor for 18 months as a forward. He is only quick when he occasionally gets the footy and can see what is in front of him. Applies little to no pressure. His hope to have a career in the game is to get back to being a dangerous forward with great goal sense otherwise he is a liability in any team.
If he is overweight and unfit with the motivation of getting kicked out of a club and drafted by another the he’ll never get fit.


Stringer was the leading possession winner with 12 up until half time. When on field he impacted the game. In that half of footy you can see the makings of a mid. Certainly worth persisting with.


He wasn’t brilliant, but he got a few contested possessions, in the middle and up forward, and could have kicked three or four… he wasn’t far off a good game - closer than most of his team-mates


reckon he was exceeding my expectations until he get poked in the ■■■■■■■ eye.


A lot of comments about Stringers weight but how does he get bigger after completing a full preseason?

I assumed that he’s been loaded up on purpose to compete around stoppages.

I think hes dropped some of his explosiveness due to it.


It’s weird because I definitely recall commentary that he’d slim down to play midfield, because he’d bulked up to play as a key forward.


Yep, I’m confused by it.

He definitely looks bigger to me and in my opinion he’s slowed down.

I can’t fathom how he would put on weight in his first preseason at a new club unless it is deliberate.


Yea seemed to be a lot quicker a few years ago

Let’s take a look

He seems way too bulky these days


Yes, Stringer looks heavier set but it would be deliberate with his weight etc being closely monitored.

Re: losing leg speed? I have a differing view that he’s conserving energy to help run out games (e.g. Dusty doesn’t so much as explode from packs as glide through contests) but there was a moment in the second or third quarter where he put on the after burners and it was noticeable his pace was still there. He’s just more selective when he uses it.

NB: it was interesting to note how “slight” Doggie’s running players are which fits in with their run and spread game plan I guess.


Fitness was miles off it when he came to the club and he was still off the pace of key position players on our list throughout the pre season. Realistically he never going to be able to hold down a midfield role this year. The club put out a heap of fluff about his midfield aspirations but the whole 60-40 midfield-forward talk was ■■■■■■ optimistic. He’s trying but it’s going to some time.


It’s almost like the articles were fluff PR pieces.


Not our worst midfielder, and our midfield is not good ( rated about 12th in the AFL ) but performing last in the AFL

True he may be a better forward, but can we afford to move our 3rd best midfielder until Zac Merret gets back to normal and we get another effective big body back in the side.?


The only way he plays forward majority of the time is if Hooker plays back. Only thing stopping this from happening is Woosha having the testicular heft (RIP Simon) to execute this plan 3 rounds into the season. I don’t see him doing this right now which goes along with his presser comments on saying ‘he will back his plan and find out who doesn’t have buy in’. Agree with Whateley that he should be starting in the forward line to settle and build from that. I still have hope that he can still be our midfield beast 18 months down the track. But still…this doesn’t fix our problem of a ■■■■ weak pressure of our midfield.


This bloke goes alright when forward doesn’t he?


Hooker back gives stringer freedom to work over his man deep in the forwardline.

Best game for the club with plenty more to come!


He’s arrived everyone.

Fantastic game by Jake.