#25 Jake Stringer


Really liked his game.

Still think we have to use him through the middle, he needs to get a few early touches and allows him to get free of his defender.

Fitness will be an issue till 2020 season but appears to be improving, will be much better as his match fitness grows from playing.


Just a lazy four goals.


If Myers can play as well as he did today consistently, Laverde, String, McKenna can pinch hit through there. Get games in Clarke and Lang through there too… still work to be done to open up the window so get games into those who’ll be doing the opening


Laverne and Langford are pipe dreams at the moment


String stew and Joe could absolutely slaughter sides of they work out how to space themselves


Wouldnt know with either of them until they have had a decent go at it. Agree that their best is half forward, but we can’t have Goddard pinch hitting in the middle forever… Laverne and Shirley it is until we can develop someone full time. Should give Irish a nibble at it too…


If he’d have had another few goals this year and wasn’t in need of a bag he’d have given off that goal to Guefli. Can’t blame him when he needs goals to shut some haters up.


I was glad he took the safest option and kicked the goal rather than handball.


Absolutely. Especially given last weeks disaster. Not in the same boat but still.

How was Guelfi recovering, he laid the tackle and then there for the handball option.


wtf didn’t i go to today’s game to see the stringer show first hand…


Every AFL coach was hoping Essendon wouldn’t pull the trigger on a Daniher, Stringer Stewart forwardline.


THE PACKAGE is gonna twirl onto his right and snap his 4th to win us the game on Anzac Day and YOU WILL LIKE IT


He still looks scratchy, can barely run for more than 10 seconds, hasn’t got his touch back yet…

But kicked 4.

Wait 'till he actually hits form one of these days.



that drop punt tho.


Deserves a teen after that effort today.


The Stringer show has just begun. He showed today what he can do. Still only in 2nd gear, if that.
But still able to hit the opposition really hard and will take the game on.
An excellent addition to the side.


Holy moly… I’d give you a ‘like’ but… ah, to hell with it


He’s just a beast of a bloke very hard to bring down in a tackle.


I’m hitting like because of your avatar.