#25 Jake Stringer


Don’t come ever again, thanks.


how good was the don’t argue with the guy already on the ground? he got pinged for throwing right after but it was a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■.


Which one of you guys gave Stringer the double high 5’s on the boundary after he dribbled that goal through?

Stringer is going to love the big stage of Anzac Day.


Very dangerous up there, had a few more chances for goals as well.

Probably should have had a ping from 55m when he marked early in game. And also Green took the advantage on another free he’d won.

Some good bustling play as well breaking out of tackles to hand off footy.


I just think Stringer is best used as a “burst”player, to break the game open across half-forward at crucial times. He’s never going to be super fit - I just don’t think he’s got the motor - but in bursts he can be devastating. Of course it does mean that Hepps, Zerrett, Mcgrath, Smith etc have to make up for it in terms of work rate…but hey, that’s why footy’s a team game. Today Jake showed us what he’s capable of…just in time for Anzac Day!


Part of me wonders whether the recruitment team knew stringer would never make it as a full time mid and just gave him a few games permanently as a mid to convince stringer of that too, and always intended on playing him forward…




Don’t wonder about that. You would be wrong. The difference between the club and a lot of people around here is that the club accept it will take a bit of time to happen.


That is exactly what he is a burst player. I actually thought other then the goals he kicked that he was pretty average. But thats only a reflection on how good he could actually be.

He is a valuable player as he is but if he ever gets near his full potential, he will be an absolute superstar.


Really put some lead in the fkn pencil today bless his heart


“post can’t be empty.”


Glad it didn’t take him long to gel, looking forward to Anzac Day,


I actually think the opposite, in a way. A couple of games where being absolutely led around by better runners, and blown up early might be the best way to convince him he really does need to work harder on the track.


I dunno, have you read any of DKP’s?


He has km figures to hit every game as part of the process. Sometimes he’s absolutely rooted from the effort, but he’s getting there. Running in game is different to running on the track.


IDC about the midfield thing.




It was said in the media, Stringer is a confidence player. Let him get touch and form in the forwardline with bursts in the midfield this year.

With Daniher getting the best defender, it means either Stewart or Stringer gets the third tall. This will create problems for most defences.


Snigger snigger. Poor taste


Excellent game today from Jakey.
Knew as soon as he kicked that dribble goal that it would go through.
Well done