#25 Jake Stringer


Our forward line is outrageously exciting.

Lid off.


He honestly looks like he’s got neagle fitness levels. Looks fkd every time he’s on the screen. He’s certainly not a defensive runner, at all. Which is okay if he’s doing what he did today up forward, but you can’t carry a bloke who can’t chase the other way

When the ball is in his area, he’s good defensively, but apart from that he often gets exposed


So good.


Seems like he played a bit in the midfield also. Anyone got the stats?


Had the perfect view for the set shot on a tough angle. Had the perfect view for that dribble goal from the boundary. Had the perfect view the set shot out of the full.

Jake Stringer is fun to watch.


Not really. 2 clearances, 3 inside 50s, 0 rebound 50s.

The important bit was the 6 score involvements (5 being himself scoring).


Definitely started at a few centre bounces and drifted forwards after they were decided one way or the other.


Was at match today.

My observations were that in a defensive situation that is also a marking contest he’s effective in bringing the ball to ground. But not so much for a ground ball contest.


Easy to pick on posts which were made before the events happened because hindsight is a beautiful thing. But apart from woosha proving me wrong and making the moves, Hooker still had to go back for stringer to stay forward which if I didn’t make clear, was my main point.


Became a fully fledged Don today.


Could have very easily had 7


Today he was all bull, no dust.


Was my fav player outside Essendon… loved watching him go about his footy. I think everyone knew what he could bring, it was always a matter of when and I guess how he was played. Wrapt for him. He’s getting more comfortable now. Loved the boys getting around him.


Was Stringer like


Is that Walla dressed in a nun’s habit?


Sure is, Mad Monday with Walla.




Still not there. More is coming.


We must be about due for an article from his ex by now.


Really loved the double high 5, or whatever one calls it, with the fan after THAT goal.