#25 Jake Stringer


Can anyone compete with Triple j???



I thought he’s doing a Hirdy but no, he was doing a Stringer.


To be fair we’re still getting to know Jake, a hug would have been totally inappropriate :blush:


Yes we are and he’s quite a character from accounts. I think he is just beginning to settle and enjoy his footy again. I’m glad its with us.


love watching Stringer play and so glad he ended up at us, arrogance with the football should be bench mark for the team

magic like stars


It’s a good seat to sit in for an Essendon fan.


You got it spot on. I ain’t picking on ya. It was a very good call.



Only if BT was commenating he would be going nuts


I can’t take My eyes away from that


The Package arrived on Sunday.


Knew he’d have a breakout game soon, so glad it was against those pretenders Port


I heard he was home watching, and punched a hole in the wall when that happened…


Very few players in league could pull that off, as per the dead eye set shot from boundary.

He’s a talent that’s for sure.


if you pause it you can pinpoint exactly when dodoro dons the jacket


Stringer must be fitter than Neagle, because I’ve seen him run after the first 10 minutes of a game, which is something Neagle was never able to do.


You are being very generous with allowing 10 minutes.


Neagle looked unfit as fark only got games due his name.


Lets assume the ball was down the other end for the first 5 minutes.


Yep. It’s a long way off.
Hopefully the penny has dropped and it’s just a matter of doing the work to get there.
Still reckon he’ll be a great mid when he gets there.