#25 Jake Stringer


If Neagle had lasted long enough to play AFLX with the ten minute halves, he’d be a superstar.


I loved Neagle. I dont think Knights cared for the name to be honest, he was just that stubborn and wanted to phase out Llouyd that bad, he couldnt push the greatest FF of the EFC out without having someone there to replace him.


That coleman bloke wasn’t bad.



I saw this.
Very funny however.
i just wonder if other clubs do as much as we do after a win?
So many videos on our website/social media after a good win.

I’m starting to think this a problem. This is the reason we have so many issues performing against bad teams or after big wins. Club pumps up their own tyres wayyyy too much.


no. football is boring enough as it is. let us have a little joy.


Wait you cant be serious.


I think the words your looking for are

Donnington pls


Downington pls


Donnington - never go the full Dunstall (again).


Um no, the reason we play poorly is due to lack of skill, football smarts and/or outcoached. A 5 minute video during the week on social media is the least of our worries






Next wednesday night he will be known as Anzac Day medallist Jake ‘the knot’ Stringer.


Happy 24th birthday for Anzac Day Jake. Hope you have plenty to celebrate post match.


So easy to forget how young he is… could play for another 8 years easily.


James Stewart walks over and requests that you hold his beer.


Jake’s training the house down. The boys love the way he goes about it. I hope the club writes an article about it soon.


thought he was one of our better players today


At lest he leads at the ball, rather then looking for over the top.