#25 Jake Stringer


Jake will be hot and cold. Always has been

Play him one out from the goal square. And get Joe away from him


Amazing, an actual forward player who knows how to play forward.
Nice if we had a forward coach rather than leaving it up to the individual brilliance of players for our scores.


Played well in parts today.


this was borderline funny the first and hasn’t improved dramatically the subsequent 7 times you’ve made the gag. move one.


here you go …


I’ll stop when the club stops.


The midfield bull thing hasn’t turned out just yet but Jake is starting to return to some good form as a forward.

Does all the little team things as well and actually plays with a bit of mongrel.



He’s very dangerous fwd. just not getting it in there enough.


Been impressed with his last 3 games.


sorry jake.


As a midfielder he’s a blooody good full-forward. Knows how to lead, how to drop an opponent or simply shrug them off, clunk, and (usually) kick very very straight.


Time to play him in the back pocket then.


This is how he managed to kick 42 goals in 2016, despite being sh*t.

He could easily scrape his way to 40 half-assed goals this year.

His absolute best footy is an exciting thing to ponder.


Just sit him 20 meters from goal and tell him to sit there. Like Dangerfield did last year when he was injured.

Will give us someone to kick to and he will end up with 60 plus.


Love his strut when he kicks a goal


Still think it’s worth persisting with him as a midfielder for a while, but he’s been our best forward for the past few weeks. Duck it just leave him there. He’s too good.


Me too, … shows he feels part of the fold I reckon. Very comfy, and proud, to be in the sash.


if this guy got any other teams delivery he’d be kicking 4 goals a game minimum


His hands were awesome today… a number of good body contests and one grab, clean grab marks. Could play as permanent forward and kick 60-70 goals a season without drama.

Will be exciting to see him in a forwardline that is actually working. Still think he was well worth the price, still got another 10 years ahead of him.


Poor bloke choosing us.