#25 Jake Stringer


Give this guy half good service and a top four level of inside 50’s and he smashes them all, the guys a freak show.


Jake “fk me” Stringer.


And lack of intensity.

We havent won a third quarter all year…surely woosha will use that stat to rev the players up at half time this week!!!

We have 7 All Australians on the list
Z Merrett

Only 1 player has improved since last year that was there in 2017 - James Stewart

Twomey: After losing Kelly more responsibility has been left to McKenna and saad and they have panicked with the responsibility of being the last kick out of defence, Too much responsibility left to Hurley. Coupled with the loss of Gleeson.


Why isn’t there more heat on this guy?

Every time he runs out he seems heavier than the week before.

Zero impact on the game.


The least team oriented player on the list by a fair margin


I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me it’s because he’s playing at more or less the same level he was at the end of last year, with a few more goals. I’d obviously like him to be playing better but when you trade in a guy and his form remains consistent, well, you can only get so upset.


Josh Green says Hi.


Being played out of position. The club knew what they were buying. Plonk in the goal square and get it in to him. Will kick his 3-4 every week


For two weeks in a row Stringer has started on the pine in the third quarter.

He should start in the centre square then drift forward

For an inspirational start to a quarter he is the most likely to burst from the square and kick a goal…but he’s on the pine.

After a big break he doesn’t need a rest, he’s a burst player, rest him during the quarter.

They have so many things wrong at the moment no wonder the players are playing half arsed despondent footy.

Involve the stars when it matters.


McKenna looked a little more likely this year, prior to tearing that guys head off at the neck with his teeth, as it was described by some.

Get him in the middle… make him skip a meal beforehand. Hang on, wrong thread…


That is his position currently, he starts there and leads and doesn’t come back. He is terrible.


Stringer got better when Hooker moved back. Maybe it is a structure thing - what is his role with JD and Stewart? At the moment the only forward who seems to be doing okay is Stewart. The forward line needs to get their act together and then they will all play better. For me Stringer is a wander around forward who can turn a game in a matter of minutes. Ten possessions inside 50 is all he needs. I bet if Joe was in top form Stringer would be more consistent.


Stringer had a great run for 3 weeks, but he was diabolical against Hawthorn. Had the “can’t be fcked” look about him that did Bulldogs fans’ heads in.


People are surprised by his form drop? Really?


Surprised at a lack of effort, yes.


Stringer is another example of Worsfold’s lack of flexibility during match day. When he is not getting near the ball, as on Saturday against Hawthorn in the first half, why not put him up the ground on the ball?
For the first few rounds, Worsfold had him earmarked as an onballer, then when that wasn’t going well, he went forward (and did very well from limited opportunities IMO), but he doesn’t have to be exclusively one or the other.
During a game, when we are flagging and he can’t get into it, throw him in to get him going.


When Hooker went back Stringer went forward you mean.


Unless the AFL announces during the week that goal posts will be moved to opposite ends of the wing instead of at either end of the ground then this bloke is fighting a losing battle.

They don’t go to him enough and when they do they miss him by 5 metres.


Yesterday Stringer started on the bench and when he came on In the first quarter went into the centre square.
Given he’s kicked goals the last couple of weeks why not start him forward? No, let’s go with Daniher who is totally non competitive.


Did you not watch him at the Bulldogs? Did you not hear what his coach said about him when declaring he wanted him out?

Seriously shocked that people are surprised by his form drop and lack of consistent effort.