#25 Jake Stringer


I feel for Stringer. No doubt his effort on the weekend was questionable, but we haven’t made it easy for him. He has effectively started his current role within a new workplace. When you do that, you at least expect that new workplace to understand how things work (i.e. game plan, game plan system etc), but the problem is the players are just as confused as he is.


Who starts their only in form forward on the bench, then puts him into the midfield??

woosh does


Who thinks an enigmatic key forward, who has played his fair share of VFL footy in the last two seasons, will save their midfield, and then pretend like they knew he was a forward all along?

Blitz Does.


Painting the footy blonde could work?


Out of interest, how much VFL do you think Stringer’s played in the last two seasons?
Spoiler: 2 games.


He’s going to feast on Carlton I’m backing him in


Trade to St Kilda for a second rounder


You are an idiot!


Donnington plz.


Really? I think there was hardly anyone on blitz who thought he would save our midfield. I think there was some hope that at best, he could split his time 50/50 but even that hope was probably in the minority. Most of the people that were hopeful were probably more hopeful about a season or two down the track. Plus I’m sure you’ll find a big bunch of posters who though he’d never make it as a mid.


Saturday was a strange game - You can play poorly, often feature in the play, but be like a deer in the headlights - Stringer barely featured at all in any contests and was hardly targetted by the mids.


We had the lowest inside 50 count by any side this season I think I read

Tough day at office for fwds


Absolutely a tough day - But had to look twice to see if Stringer was on the field in the first half - And this occurred after two good games.


Essendon coaching staff?

Personally I would start him forward, and give him 5min spells in the middle each qtr


Anyone else hearing some bad rumours about him?!
All hell could be about to break loose if true :scream:


Along what lines?


ehhhh gawd


We have nobody to blame but ourselves for anything Stringer does, the bar has been set so low to our new recruits by this club it’s actually embarassing to see them out there putting in more effort than our senior players.


No. Nobody is. Keep it on bigfooty and let us just enjoy having him around without some mystical black cloud hovering over his head.


There’s every chance it’s not true so I won’t say, was more worried as to whether anyone else had heard the same thing.
Two different people text me almost at identical times with the same story, which worries me