#25 Jake Stringer


Kinda feel like willie_dick when hes like ‘anyone hear something disturbing about essendon?’

then about 300 posts of ■■■■ you w_d you’re wrong.



Love these posts. Fk mi.


He’s rooted someone, hasn’t he


All of the someone’s


Too many bedroom peanut.


Given there are something like 2 billion men doing that around the world on a regular basis, I reckon its not unusual.


Surely it won’t be as bad as this place when we lose to carlton?


All I’ll say is it has every chance to be true because my boss (Bulldogs) hasn’t got stuck into me about a salacious rumour involving The Package. He only hears ■■■■ rumours.


Spill the fkn beans


If it’s rooting around, that wouldn’t amount to “all hell about to break lose”.

Sounds like nothing or something very big.

(PM me Special Agent.)


If nothing comes of it. Banned.


This guy must be a real idiot. Does zero defence/pressure acts and definitely looks out of shape. Would have thought getting traded would have given him a fright. Obviously hasn’t. Might as well get Kyle Reimers back.


Comparing him to Kyle Remiers lols now I’ve heard everything.

Stringer has more talent in his pinky than that ■■■■ truck remiers


No. But plese tell. Dont go throwing in the rumour bomb and run.


So. What did he do to encourage such aspersion?


Kyle Reimers could of been a good player his disposal was elite (Serious)


He’ll kick 5 on Liam Jones if we can actually put the ball within 50 metres of him


how many beans?


Kyle lacked for a lot of things but talent wasn’t one of them.


He’s going to play midfield this year and that he is training house down?