#25 Jake Stringer


I wouldn’t blame Stringer too much. Like so many of our players over the past few weeks, he just looks bewildered, like he knows what he wants to do but mustn’t because it’s not part of the new-fangled “game plan”. Some players are at their best when you allow them just to play their natural game. I’m pretty sure Jake is one of those players. Let him off the leash and see what happens.


He probably walking around in a cats jumpers wishing he’d picked them.


Well…? Have you discovered whether it’s a ‘truth’ or ‘lie’… whatever it is.


He rooted the following team mates mrs


Serial rooter is the package, club has had to make sure all the other players are in the twos and away from him.


I’m assuming a lie considering it hasn’t come out.
I hate these rumour posts (which is why I didn’t share the rumour), however the thing that made me actually think it could be true was that two independent people messaged me the same thing almost st the same time. Therefore I wanted to see if anyone else (who’d have better sources than I) had heard it too.


Posting that you’ve heard a rumour is just as bad as posting the rumour. People’s minds wander and speculation begins. Honestly better to say nothing.


My avatar was about to be placed into the cannon next to Woosh & Neeld


No it’s not you flog. There’s a bad rumour going around from MULTIPLE people so I asked if anyone else had heard it, hoping no one had because I certainly wasn’t hoping it. I wasn’t asking to spread it, I wanted to know for my own benefit.

If I’d shared it I’d agree, ■■■■ act, but that’s exactly why I didn’t.


Jesus talk about sensitive.


Surley Barret would have been all over it if something was up with Stringer


■■■■■■■ L O L


Did they say where they had heard whatever it is?


I just found out from a reliable source at the afl

Turns out Stringers been seen hanging around a bunch of questionable types impersonating an afl football team.


Looks chunky and slow still. Has a lot of work to do to become AFL fit. Drop him and play Langford forward.


Wouldn’t get a game at Geelong.




I’m down for sacking Worsfold If it means about 10 of this team get dropped


The problem with this club is that we recruit too many nice guys.


I do not understand why you don’t just tell this guy to stand in the goal square and lead and try and score? Playing him outside of that is wasting his talent. I don’t mind short spurts in the midfield because i think he puts pressure on in there, but not for long periods. He shouldn’t be moving anywhere else on the ground apart from those short spurts.


■■■■ him off to the VFL where he belongs