#25 Jake Stringer


He is poison! Infecting our team badly. Can’t carry fatties in your starting 22.


Had a crack, almost snagged a few, Stewart didn’t get any either which says something about the delivery atm.


What’s worse is I watched him work hard to extract the ball in the midfield and each time he did the outside player then botched the ball and turned it over. he worked hard but was let down by a few around him.


Play him forward, his best games have been there and lets face it, it’s hard to make goals out of some of the crap coming in the forward 50 but he makes it work down there.


I wish he had


Must be dropped


Because it’s not 1973??

He needs a stint for mine. Dropped back into bad habits the last 3-4 weeks.


Please, no more.


Shocking decision in hindsight for Dodoro to get this bloke.


If he wanted to be a footballer…then it would be the trade of the century.

Personal life, desire and priorities simply won’t allow him to get near his best.


If we go complete rebuild mode, play him midfield and let him learn for the rest of the year.

Guy is still young and came to the club damaged goods.


Will play well when the team is playing well, if that ever fkn happens.


Still plenty of time for Jake to turn it around.


I hope he does but considering our other needs, he was surplus to requirements.


Most people in here were begging Disco to pick this guy up. Most in here have no right to criticise any decision to pick him up, ever.


Not denying that most people wanted him, myself included.


mate stringer is NOT ■■■■■■■ midfielder AT ALL


Don’t care, at least he will learn workratr and build fitness for next year.


He’s pretty fckn sh*t that’s for sure, I hope we all go to sleep with a smile on our faces knowing that.


I think his effort and body language isn’t something to be persisted with at AFL level in 2018.