#25 Jake Stringer


He needs to be shown footage of how Aaron Hamil used to play. He’s got the strength, way more skill.
We as a team need that strong niggling player in the forward line just being a pest. It upsets the opposition and makes them reactionary. So even when he’s not actually impacting the scoring he’s still being useful.


He’s a liability up forward too.


He is a cherry on top kinda player and at the moment we are using a dog turd for cake mix and our oven is broken.

He tries to do things but he is let down by his teammates at every opportunity.


How can a decision be ‘shocking in hindsight’?


If I was him, now being relegated to the forward line I would have packed my bags at half time and gone home.

As a forward he is dependant on the mids giving him half an opportunity and the coaches not demanding he play in zones of the ground that put him out of position to lead at the footy. He is getting neither.

I’m firmly now in the camp he plays midfield for the rest of the year to continue to boost his fitness and learn the craft. Also he isn’t allowed in the weights room for the rest of the year and would be put on a vegan diet. Hopefully by seasons end he had shed 5-7kgs and is ready for a massive running preseason.


When he went into the guys in the final term he attracted the ball and a couple of opposition.

Might not have the tank, but he looks better inside than half our mods.


Horror Trade

  • Needed a big bodided midfielder
  • get stringer instead
  • fails as a mid
  • move him forward
  • has 2 good games
  • now failing as a forward
  • liabilty.
  • Trade to Freo for second rounder


Use him properly. we all know what he is and what he can do and what he can’t.
It depends on other players playing their game and he his.
They are not, Jake’s trying.
It’s not his fault.


The one time he looked dangerous yesterday was when he went into the midfield.

The rest…meh


He is a forward. A forward needs a good delivery from the playing group. What hope does any forward have when you have guys like Heppell, Myers and Co. just banging it as far and as high as they can and as blindly as Ray Charles. He has shown he can pinch hit in the midfield but isn’t a full time midfielder. He could be at some point. But he has also shown that he can light the forward line up and get goals. Leave him as the 3rd tall/mid sized forward in my opinion. He can crumb. Take a strong overhead mark. And break a pack. He needs a bit more of a defensive game. But I am excited to see him play still


Needs to hit people (legally).

Simple as that.

Put some toothpicks under his eyelids and make him watch the best of Byron Pickett for days on end.

Clearly he needs a proper football mentor and sports psych for us to have any chance of getting the best out of him.

The only thing (other than midfield fitness) that he is missing is confidence.




If we want him to play mid, he plays mid either in the ones or the twos for the rest of the season…


Here’s an idea - What about playing the players to their strengths.


Why when the season done.

It should be about development for the rest of the year ready to play their strength next year.


How would you use him properly?
How I see is that the midfield has nowhere to go because he doesn’t position himself well which makes it hard for mids and the other forwards, doesn’t have a repeat effort in him and is yet to gut run in the red and black.
You need even contribution and he is one of the most selfish players in the league and on top of that has zero fitness. He’s not alone but between him, Goddard and Hurley(all AA’s) how many selfless acts to help out teammates have they done? They’re a joke.


We need to start planning for 2019.

And, in that light I think its worthwhile persevering with trying to develop him as a mid, even if some of that learning needs to be in the VFL. We desperately need someone who is a physical beast who will balance our small mids, and it doesn’t look like Myers will be that guy.

I think it would be worthwhile to say: “Jake, were sending you to the VFL for a month to be #1 clearance mid, then after that, you’re guaranteed a month back in the senior team, rotating through midfield.”

PS. While Jake has his month in VFL, tell Dyl Clarke that he is guaranteed at least a month in the seniors.


What is it about ‘project takes a while to develop how you wish’ don’t you people understand?
I wouldn’t be looking for anything solid from him until probably next season sometime.


Once again, we are trying to turn someone who isn’t a midfielder, into a midfielder. He’s a All Australian forward, and playing him anywhere else is dumb.


That isn’t really correct. He was a midfielder that the Dogs turned into a forward. So we are not trying to turn him into something he hasn’t already done.

The Dogs conditioned and trained him as a forward as they had no other option and he had the ability to play that role and his fitness was terrible (and still seems to be for some bizarre reason).

Personally I see him purely as a burst midfielder, short periods to make an impact before moving back to the forward line. So if not much is happening in the forward line, they can shift him into the middle to get some action and then move him back again when needed.