#25 Jake Stringer


Should he be playing in the ones though?
I’d much prefer training to be his priority. The next 6 months put him on a boxing program, play half or 3/4 of VFL game time purely as a mid. Get him to a level where he can run 15+ in a beep test or a marathon.


How hard is it for someone in an elite environment to drop 5kg?
Stringer needs to.
I did it in 8 weeks and I’m 43.

Fark me.


Depends on what your diet’s like doesn’t it and how much of what you crave, you do.


Get his head right (if possible) and the rest will follow


I fell sorry for the bloke actually not his fault that he has coaches confusing him and his teams not getting the ball to him


Sheeds should be allowed to have this time with Jake.

Sheeds is a brilliant mind to have at the club, and while there are many things he shouldn’t be used for, occasional player inspiration is one of them. Whether it’s having a good chat, or a group address before we play a rival, he could really help us.


Is that your Tindr profile blurb?



Project? He’s a grown-■■■ man that was All-Australian a few years ago and now expecting solid form is too much to expect? Him not being fit enough is his own fault and it’s not like we’re playing him as a full time mid. People treat him like he’s a baby, he needs to perform and look like he gives a f*ck, and that goes for wherever he plays. No excuse for looking disinterested up forward. Otherwise ship him off to the VFL until we’re allowed to take the training wheels off.


Because he has to strip muscle not fat. It’s harder and takes longer.


When you bring in a player who got publicly given the ■■■■ by his coach for a lack of professionalism and effort, that is a project player. What he did before that is why we thought it was a project worth pursuing.


Sheedy might have to be the one for a long and meaningful chat. According to Cooney, Worsfd doesn’t do deep and meaningful. After chatting with Stringer Sheeds should have a serious chat with Worsfold.


I personally think everyone is being really unfair expecting greater committment from Stringer. The guy hasn’t even nominated us yet and you want him to be all in. Ridiculous the lot of you!!!


Hard to be a decent forward when we handball all the way up the ground allowing every opposition player to flood your space.


Never seems to be moving when given the ball. Gets ball and then tackled automatically. Needs to get fitter.


Ok Mr Angry.


I wonder if anyone would trade us a 1st rounder for him. Maybe we could pick up a talented inside mid with it.


I may be in the minority, but I reckon stringer has been far from our worst. He is obviously an easy target, but I would have plenty in the gun before stringer.


Totally agree.

Will only get better from here.

He’s still very young also.


A guy who needed to learn about teamwork and discipline, couldn’t be in a worse team right now.

I agree that he’s a long term project, but he has drifted into old bad habits the last few weeks, and it needs to be addressed.


Two 1st rounders?