#25 Jake Stringer


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Hopefully not too many times


Judd’s is spot on.

He can still go get ■■■■■■.


Can’t fault his endeavour tonight.
Keep it up


Huge. Playing with passion.


Had 8 tackles tonight. Great stuff Jake


He was really, really good today. I don’t want magic, I want effort. And he gave that in bucketloads today.


would not want to try and get past him in the midfield, laid some ripper stops and gaves us pep from the opening bounce


Right from the very first minute he was up and about. Lots of pressure acts and team orientated plays


coached to a well balanced game today.
start in the middle to give grunt early and get involved and move forward to be dangerous later in the quarter.


for a larger bloke he is dynamite quick in changing directions in tight congestion, plays half a second faster than the people around him

can’t wait for him to play himself into a fitness base and we quite possibily get out and about


Looked good around the stoppages which was pleasing. I think we should persist with playing him in spurts on the ball it’s a work in progress. Love his aggression.


some little geelong bloke ran into a borderline stationary stringer and it was like a fly hitting a wall. stringer barely felt it and the geelong bloke just bounced off him and hit the turf. he’s strong


Importantly he ran both ways and had plenty ijn the tanks in the last. Equal team High Rebound 50s, 3 marks Inside 50

Looked OK at stoppages. We need to persist with him at stoppages. It was part of the agreement bringing him to the club, lets see where he is as a mid at the end of 2019. There are signs his fitness is improving which bodes well.


Onya darl!

Listen to her call in via the link…



You go girl. Good Stuff.


I keep forgetting this guy is only 24.


■■■■■■ 'ell - I clicked that play button 5 times…


Never go full Donnington


careful i hear he’s bff with guelfi


I wish I was bff with Guelfi :muscle: