#25 Jake Stringer


Kids are resilient but they carry residual from not having a parent with them while growing up and that “trauma” can have negative implications in their own relationships. As adults there’s also a good chance they’ll resent the parent that “left them” when they were kids. People. Relationships. Kids. Communication. Family. Gee, life can be tough! Thank goodness for footy, the one constant we can rely on (sarcasm :wink:)


She’s already instagrammed that htey wont be there. Apparantly they have a birthday party that night.


The essential thing is how the respective parents, parent their children, and how they interact with each other in their presence. A large percentage kids these days (or close to it) have had separated parents. Teaching your kids how to resolve conflicts, the meaning of relationships, kinds of relationships, respect and responsibility is what overcomes potential issues.


Wish she’d fark off and stop telling everyone her personal business.


It’s his 100th game and players take their kids out all the time. As if a bday party she going to takes precedence. It’s something for the kids to enjoy not just Stringer. And they haven’t been to one of his games this year at all.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned


To be fair nobody would know the exact circumstances of their relationship and why it has come to this.

Shouldn’t be discussed on here anyway.

It’s none of our business.


Would give Stringer an extra boost to perform if his kids are there on Saturday. No matter how much she hates Jake for what he did surely he’s still entiled to access his kids.





That’s how I read it as well. Would be an absolute shame for Jake to look back 20 years from now and not have those memories.

Having done a little research it is actually one of the kids birthdays, what 2 yr old has a birthday party in the evening?


when i was a kid i’d rather go to my mates maccas birthday party than my dads stupid work function…

■■■■ i’d still rather do that.


Hmmm, kids b’day could get complicated? She’s well within her rights to say the b’day takes precedence although the party will likely take place during the day with the kids having an afternoon nap in readiness for the big night. Surely, they’ll be there? Hope so for theirs and Jakes sake. Once in a lifetime photos with them going through the banner with their proud dad.


imagine a bunch of toddlers at 7pm having a party. Sounds like my definition of hell


I guess your dad wasn’t celebrating a milestone game in front of 90K at the G.


do you think a toddler cares?


No, they would care more that their parents get along and dont use them to get back at each other.


Meanwhile back in the realm of football itself, Jake’s form is building nicely and it won’t be long before he tears a game apart. Hopefully it is sooner (Tiges) rather than later. The signs are all there.


This is a microcosm of what is wrong with society today - Does one need to use instagram to publically reveal information that should be private.


so i hear there’s a footy game on this weekend


Yep, I’ll be in the Ponsford stand behind the goals. I think that’s the opposite end to the cheer squad but that’s OK, I quite like antagonising the opposition. ONYA JAKE, YOU’RE A LOSER RANCE YA POSER!


Yeah, that’s our job.