#25 Jake Stringer


Huh? He’s not much chop as a contested mark - 6th at Essendon, and this is easily the best he’s done at that in his career. He’s still a fair way behind Smack, Joe, Hooker etc this year: let alone when Hooker & JD have been fit & forward.

A lot of the time he aims to get his man under the ball and beat him on the ground. Very smart with his body, but not a good contested mark by any stretch of the imagination.


He looked cooked pertty early in games earlier in the year, he’s running out games far better now.
Almost looks like we’ve had him on a fitness & extra running program!

Consistency of actual form will come.


Leave the discussion of his personal/family life to the gossip mags, thanks.


Yeah, he doesn’t mark many, but holy sh*t is he good at bringing the ball to ground. He is rarely outmarked, even by genuine key backs.

He actually doesn’t even seem to try and mark that many, his objective seems to be: half the contest, and then take it from there.


Yup. Buddy style.


That is one of the big problems today is the lack of knowledge and being techno savvy about boundaries and understanding of personal and private boundaries. Unfortunately, there is a big difference and it is a learned skill which is not being taught and modelled from elders to youngsters.


Loved how he dished off to Raz in the first for the long goal from HF, then in the last he executes the same kick from the same area on the ground but further out. Whatever you can do I can do better. Freak!


Just sense he’s ready to play a big game soon. Hopefully it’s Saturday night but has been building up nicely. 100th game with his daughters in the stands could be the tonic.


Didn’t his ex post on insta that his girls wouldn’t be attending due to a birthday party?


Is former Dog the Bombers’ barometer? - http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-06-01/is-former-dog-the-bombers-barometer


The running improvements are good to see.


when he is at his “best”, we are winning


and it was good to read about his improved running. Another preseason or two and he will be what we hope him to be.

Essendon assistant coach, and resident chef, Hayden Skipworth, who oversees the midfield group, said Stringer is putting in the work off the field and the past two weeks has started to reap some of the rewards.

“He does extra cross training three or four times a week with Paul Turk, one of the guys in charge of our high-performance program,” Skipworth told AFL.com.au this week.

"That’s a part of his weekly program – he jumps in the altitude chamber after main training sessions, does a swim, so he’s continually working on his aerobic ability and we’ve seen his GPS [running results] still climbing upwards.

“He ran about 13.5km last week, which was his personal best ever. We’re really happy with his progressions since he got here. He’s still aware he’s got work to do and areas to improve, but we can’t be happier with the way he’s improving.”

Structurally Stringer’s arrival has seen some trial and error for Essendon’s coaching staff. The premiership Bulldogs forward trained with the midfielders over the pre-season in part to help him learn the stoppage craft, but also to surround Stringer with the club’s best runners.

They didn’t anticipate he would be playing the large majority of his game time in that position, but in the opening three rounds of the year Stringer spent on average 53.7 per cent of his time on the ground in the midfield.


That Skipworth seems a pretty good coach (and chef).


Good to hear.

Anyone noticed that he runs a little bit funny? (though not Hooksy-level funny)


Yeah he kinda waddle-runs - arms close to his side like a penguin


You could also argue that he’s a bit of a front runner and only goes well when the rest of the team is.

Time will tell.


Shock horror. Predominantly forward line player plays better when rest of team does.


Guy who runs furthes ever in game and called a front runner.

Go blitz


Yeah he’s feet stay low to the ground instead of that free flowing feet above the knees you see in a natural runner.
I’m actually surprised he hasn’t blown up with the extra running, calves and back would be tight as with that running style.