#25 Jake Stringer


One of the knocks on him was that he was lazy, and the effort would drop off as the season went on, as it did at the Doggies. Here is the proof that this is not the case. The guy is working harder than he ever has, and he is rapidly turning things around. Kudos to Jake.


I’m not advocating one way or the other. It was pointed out to me by a bitter Bulldogs supporter. It’s just an alternative way of reading the stats. Don’t get offended by a different point of view.

Like I said time will tell.


Similar gait to Dane Swan perhaps?


I don’t think it’s borne out though.
Dogs either never had him fit enough, or couldn’t convince him to get fit enough.


He got the wake up call he needed

Now he’s seemingly working his backside off to become the best player he can be

Not lazy at all based on what’s just been reported. Genuinely shows care for his team mates. Hasn’t starred but certainly playing a solid role for the team.

And from what coaches say he contributes really well in team meetings and showing good leadership so we couldn’t really ask for more at this stage.


He recently turned 24. Has done a lot in his life both on and off the field. And is still having some major personal challenges to deal with. Seems he is in a good place at Essendon, with some good mates and support around him, and he has a great opportunity to make the most of his “best footy years” that are to come.


Maybe its easier to midfield when your team mates are winning the ball.


Fantastic that he has another 8-10 years with us by the time his career is finished Dogs will be a distant memory.


Similar gate to Stephen Dank perhaps?


Type of player I love. Beast mode engaged. Dumb as a box of hammers. Can football. Love him.


Sorry mate we don’t do Milestones. Great game but :+1:


Been good around the ball. Fitness lacking but building.


Good game tonight… great effort !


Tried his guts out, but that bad miss in the second quarter…


One of the few that tried all game and can hold their head up high


Game high contested possessions and clearances. Very happy with his game tonight. Disposal could have been a bit better, but I expect that to improve with more midfield experience dealing with the pressure around the ball and fitness


Sorry Jake we didn’t celebrate your 100th game with a win, but that’s how we do it at Essendon.


Building, I still think he needs to work on his field kicking up the ground, but his tank is getting bigger and his centre clearance work is top notch.


He looked fantastic at the contest. Just has all the time in the world


Good to seem him look for the best option inclose a few times tonight.
unlike plenty of our other midfielders who either dont have the strength or pace to make space and thus willl give off a panic ball