#25 Jake Stringer


Good game, one of the few, but can’t not say it, his miss in the second quarter was a momentum killer.

■■■■ happens. One of our best tonight and showed what he is capable of. Will be better times.


Great game. Tried his heart out. One of the few shining lights.


Played a matured, team game tonight which is heartening. It’d be awesome in time to see him as a more rounded, focused player who can do all the one percenters but also the incredible.


Played a great game. Love how strong he looks at the contest. plus his tank seems to be getting there.
I didn’t see the banner thanks to foxtel did he get to take his kids out?


Very good game.


yeah he did but one seemed freaked out by the crowd. He lit up when he saw them though. it was quite cute.


One of the comms said he had 11% DE at one stage - I found this hard to believe.


He’s getting better as the season has worn on.


I checked when I heard this, was at 41% at the time. I assume he had his thumb over the left side of the 4 when he was reading it


Lol - so I did hear correctly.


Most touches he’s ever had in a game. Most clearances too, and I’m gonna assume most Contested Possessions in a game as well. (Most clangers too it must be said.)

29 touches, 16 contested and 9 clearances are genuine midfield numbers. Obviously needs far more polish than that, but there has been considerable improvement in him this year, in the areas we needed him to.

He’s getting there, and quicker than expected imo.


Wonder what would’ve happened if he kicked that goal.

Probably lose by one less goal.


Unbelievable game from Jake.

This is the type of game we recruited him for. Contested ball, clearances.

If ONLY he nailed that shot. We had total momentum. Would have brought us back within a kick. We will never know.

Keep it up Jake.


2 less because they immediately went up the other end and scored.
He is the least of our problems though


A very encouraging performance in midfield no less. I suppose with Zaka off he probably played more time on the ball than budgeted, but it was great to see him bust open tackles and use his size inside the contest. He’s putting in, but I think he is trying too hard to be team oriented and going a bit too far with it. There have been times where he gets the ball 50m out and he’s trying to spot up a target, but he really needs to back himself and slot it. He’s a beautiful long kick of the ball. Just go back, settle and drill it. He’s the type of guy that can get the crowd going. We are waiting for him to really go off and bag a 5-6 goal haul. It’s coming.


It’s great he is using this year as a building year. Getting. His endurance up, learning his midfield craft. Getting to know how the team plays.

Watch out 2019, Stringer going to take over the comp!


I just liked his huge smile when he came onto the ground and his kid was there.

Oh, and all those stats as noted above.


Have we ever won a milestone game? :roll_eyes:


Am overseas so didn’t see lead in to game- did Jake get to run out with his 2 girls?


Yes he did