#25 Jake Stringer


Great news- thanks.


And we saw the fend off and burst speed.
He is building.


Very cute video of Stringer with one of his daughters on instagram. He obviously loves them a great deal.

Great to see him play his best game for the club last night to go with a very good start at the club.

Should continue to improve and at 24 years old get plenty more good footy out of him.


Pretty sure about 5 games ago, we knew for sure it was a dumb as anythung idea to try and get him fit enough for midfield because he was only ever a forward??

But I guess none of that ever happened… lucky nobody’s going to go quote people.


Very impressive interview from btv. I loved his statement about his career best stats. I may be paraphrasing " The stats aren’t any good if we don’t get the win "

Shows he has matured and his mindset is all about the team. I am happy we got him and glad to see him turn into the player he is becoming.


He’s won me over

Loved the vision and the words about his kids.

Whether it’s this year next year or the year after that we are going to have one of the beast powerhouse players of the competition.

Glad he’s a bomber


Has embraced by the club and now feels at home

Wallis you can come and join him.


Has steadily been building a tank over the 10 weeks. Is now able to run out a game as a bigbody mid. I think we will see him playing much more time as a mid from now on.


Typical blitz though. Go early, go hard then try and jump on the bandwagon later.


Let’s wait until we see how he pulls up after that effort. He may have a very empty tank next week. This is really unknown territory for Jake.


It’s 1 game. Even Jackson Merrett had a big midfield game of 37 v Blues. Consistent footy is the key now


He seems to have built his tank nicely. Running a PB distance against the Giants and he kept going and going last night. Will tear the comp apart if he can average 25-30 possies and 1+ goals a game. I think he has it in him, needs to back it up against the lions, though I have faith that he will.


If he just kept on playing around that same level for the rest of his career I’d be very satisfied. Bar 2 or maybe 3 games this season so far, he’s been a very solid contributor and one of our best.


Very encouraging signs today. But his tank will easily need more than 10 weeks to run out a game as a contested mid. The stats he produced this game doesnt just change overnight and become the norm.


Of the few guys who when the pressure was at its highest, he looked right at home. Getting better and better


Yes that’s right… We need to remember Jackson when assessing Jakes game and ability to do it again.


James Kelly won his 300th when we played the cats last year.

Thats all I can remember off the top of my head.


It highlights how many of our players have regressed this year that all three recruits are probably in our best 5 for the year at the halfway point


It’s like his 5th game in midfield.
It proves it can work.
I imagine it’ll still be a little while before this becomes his normal level - Stringer to midfield was always a 2-pre-season deal.

But we know now it can happen.

When he’s really fit, he’ll be pulling the numbers plus showing off his class. Then we’ll really have something


The regression of players has been amazing. Its a long list and many not accounted for by age.