#25 Jake Stringer


Looking at his clearances in the Richmond game he has developed a good understanding with Tommy as well as being a bulldozer breaking tackles around stoppages.

It will be interesting if he can repeat those clearance numbers, because Tommy is up against a better class of ruckman for this game.

I foresee him going to more stoppages in this game, particularly in the forward half


Playing well.




Elite big bodied mid.



And if he is moving is very hard to stop there, multiple times he busted through tackles / just kept powering fwd and got handball off with someone hanging onto him

Was a huge game from him. Hope it continues.


rated best player on the field, playing the sort of footy we recruited him for

9 tackles, 3 goals 1, 22 possies, 4 clearances, hand in so many more

was one of if not our best today


I’m still wondering if he has nominated us yet?


Two second rounders… I mean, seriously.

What a bargain.


This club’s stupid for trying to make him a midfielder.


I remember the dim dark ages of … a few weeks back, when he was incurably fat, lazy, and slow and could never play in the midfield.


Well in fairness, it hadn’t worked by round 2, so it was never going to.



Great game against the Lions. Stingers effort inside was fantastic and presented well up forward. I still think he has massive upside…scarey how good he could be. Increasing looks like Stinger, along with Saad and Smith are one the the best recruiting coups by EFC recruiters for a long, long … long time.


…and it’s early days still regarding hoped for match fitness. Should get better and better.


I don’t have a problem with asking for consistency…


Neither do I if it is phrased better


How good have his last 2 weeks been? It still feels like he’s capable of more, but even right now, he’s getting back to his best


Boy, you’ve really got a bee in your bonnet today…


What I love about Jake is the fact that he’s completely over the last month changed my perception of him as a player. I now see him as a hard working, fit player who plays for his team mates and with some consistency can be one of the most influential players in our team. It’s quite a turnaround. If he can continue to average 20+ touches, a couple of clearances/ goals he will be great for us. Good on you Jake!


Played very well


Would be the Dogs best forward

Thanks Footscary


Back to? He’s playing far, far, far more complete footy than he ever has before.

If they can get him doing this every week, much kudos will be due to the coaching, recruitment & fitness staff.