#25 Jake Stringer


Mitch Brown would be the Dogs best forward at the moment.


If he keeps this level of involvement, he’ll end up being one of the best players in the league, never mind EFC.

The talent and smarts have always been there.


I don’t reckon his best has ever been seen. Footscray wasted a prodigious talent by pigeon holing him as an opportunistic forward. We are developing him way beyond that. In 18 months or so he will be one of the premier players in the comp all things being equal.


Jake still has so much more improvement in him too, If he keeps putting the work in he will be scary


Ship him of for a late 2nd round.


Solid game. Very good work rate both ways. Like it.

Wtf was that kick out on the full hahahaha


Yeah, this. Was saying it since we started getting into trading for him. Dogs played him as a forward out of necessity, cos he can play anywhere and they didn’t have any forwards worth a damn.

But he’s too good to not be putting him where the ball is.


are they starting to do the same with bont?


Dodoro a big fan of the Bont

Still think we should get Wallis


Dogs are Essendon in reverse, bemoan turning gun mids into OK forwards.


I dunno. Life’s too short to spend it watching Dogs games.




Stringer was great from start to finish. Made everything a contest. Great stuff


Absolute freakshow. Love him.


He is looking very, very ominous and is going to destroy a team soon.

It is slowly coming together for him.


No articles about how well he’s developing, after 100 in the first few weeks about how ■■■■ he’s playing, when he’s finding his feet in a new team.

Look forward 5 years and he’s the ■■■■■■■ star of the competition. Can dream, but either way, he’s going to be a great Essendon player, worthy of the 25.


Very happy with this bloke. And doesn’t take any ■■■■■ including from ol mate ■■■■■ bloke Hodge.


How good is he going to be when they introduce measures to reduce congestion? Giving him more space, he would freak it up.


Not really no. But if people keep having shots about players, I will keep defending the players. I make no apology for that.