#25 Jake Stringer


Yes they are. But they are also trying to protect him a bit as he was getting belted up as the only midfielder in their group. He was being double teamed and often getting slammed hard in tackles and it was taking a toll. So they moved him forward to protect him and also try and score.


Lucky we’ve got Myers to look after him if he came our way.


Or they could give us a couple of second rounders and get Myers to protect him…


or you could look to learn how you can better look at things, so your perception isn’t based on what commentators say, or win loss ratios.

Funny how they’ve won 3 out of the last 4 games, and all of a sudden people are now just seeing how stringer is actually developing.

people now even in todays game still need to see possessions and goals to equate it to effort and a good game.

his “effort” has been there since the start of the season. but things have looked better as a whole since neeld left and are working slightly better, and now he is being able to get reward for his effort, and only now are most able to “see” it.


This guys a FREAK


I think you’ve missed the point of my post. He was a hit and miss player at the dogs, either broke apart a game or had little impact, which was what we saw for the most part of the first two months of the season. You can’t tell me his performance against the blues he showed the effort he’s shown in the past month, to record career best GPS Numbers and PB possessions.

He is becoming a consistent player, his fitness is building. Put in 4 great performances in a row and I hope he can sustain it.

I think my ability to ‘look at things’ is fine tyvm.


Played 99 games topping out at 21 disposals… till the last fortnight. Bang bang.


sucked in bevo you weirdo.


how anyone trusts someone that enjoys dr who is beyond me.


Going to be some sort of player in a season or two.


Love what he is bringing to the team.



He was better in Cracker…especially when he got murdered…sorry for the spoiler.


He’s playing 50-50. Forward/Midfield.

If that means 20-25 disposals and 2-3 goals a Match. Why wouldn’t you have him do both?


Hello mid season trading.


His s*** eating grin when it gets over turned to a goal lols


They would offer us Crozier…



WB recruiter “Yeah hi Adrian. We notice you’re using mitch brown now. Can we have Joe Daniher for pick 90?”

…a week passes…

Peter Gordon enters the room.
“Pick 90 and we upgrade your pick 115 to our pick 108. Final offer”


Yeah probably, but what does Dermie think?


I don’t think he does