#25 Jake Stringer


Dkp needing to improve his ability to look at posts you think?


I think his (DKP) intensity on the poster has been there, could clean up his literature, but will be good for the break over the bye and we expect him to come out firing following the WC bealting.


I thought from day 1 he would be far more than a dangerous forward. It’s all about how much he wants it and keeping a somewhat level head (for him, he’s slightly off kilter anyway). The talent is prodigious.


This guy has always had the talent to be an A-Grade player, as others have said, he was pigeonholed at the Dogs into something that he could do and do well at times (2015) but it well and truly stunted his development.

We’ve given him the freedom to not just impact the game when things are going well for his team and he is getting decent delivery, we’ve allowed him to become a game changer and X-Factor all over the ground and that is how he played as a junior and dominated.

He is the type of player we needed when playing ■■■■■ teams because for so long Essendon has just rocked up to games like today and just expected to win and win well without putting in the necessary effort to do so.

Stringer is the type of player that goes: “I could really cash in today and I’m going to show that I’m a class above these blokes today”.

We needed a lot more of that coming into this year.


Did anyones performance against the blues show or prove anything ?? Everyone was ■■■■ that day, hence we lost to a winless carlton.

Funnily enough thats the same game comentators used to justify their belief that he wqsnt working hard enough.

And yes his workrate and output was questiined at the dogs foe the reasons you mentioned.

And bar the Carlton game , lime you could argue every player was ■■■■., the rest of the season he has been busting his ■■■■. Hes been getting back to cteate contests and we are out numbered, he’s run up and down the field.

Now that the team is better focussed as a whole , he is getting reward for effort.
He like most of our forwardline wasnt perceived to be going great the first 8 weeks as a whole.

Like i said , bar one game where everyone was ■■■■, his effort and contest has been there.

If you and others cant see it, id suggest learning to watch the play closer.

Danihers effort has been non existent this year. Stringers has been pretty damn good imo.


Again. I don’t get what you’re so riled up about mate. Never said his effort was non existent. But over the past month his numbers have lifted to a point where you could see him being a genuine mid prospect.

At the start of the year he was (rightfully) questioned. As he was building his tank he wasn’t able to make the multiple efforts in a row that he can now.

Can’t we all just celebrate the fact that we have a player with the potential to tear apart the league? You need to take a chill pill.




If he keeps this form up over the next 10 games, and Langford keeps progressing the way he is, do we still go after a big bodied midfielder during the off-season? Or do we go after another type?


When do we ever go after a big bodied midfielder…



Thoroughly disagree and this sort of sentiment is what is wrong in footy atm. He came to us unfit and unwanted by his old club. He worked very hard to build his fitness in the off-season and was trying to find his feet playing with a totally different playing group, with a totally different mindset tot he one he left.

Being so impatient as to question him at the start of the year shows why the media and a number of fans have no idea how football works.

His, and the clubs, hard work is now paying off, possibly earlier than they might have expected.


You’re taking my comment out of context. I was referring to the fact that his fitness and thus ability to run out a game in the midfield was ‘questioned’ not him as a player. Always had undeniable talent. Even you highlight that he came to us “unfit”.


“Questioned” is putting it mildly! He wasn’t anywhere near fit enough, that wasn’t in dispute, but it was also something the club went into with open eyes. Hence the extra running, planned and structured introduction to midfield.

The club a) did their homework, b) took on the risk, c) with a plan and d) are now seeing it through


Get with the zeitgeist and bring in some Cat B rookie 220cm Basketballers who can actually bend over or just play it safe and get some more half back flankers.


We go after midfielders that run hard defensively. Still our biggest need IMO.
Don’t think Clarke, Langford, Mutch, Lav or Mynott really provide that.


I think that will be someone from a state league who was overlooked


His stats are looking pretty solid for the year. Best ever averages in marks disposals tackles and clearances.

Does anyone have any idea what CG is though




(Which is not surprising, he’s doing heaps more work than he ever has)




He also likes to dump it on the boot in congestion a bit too much for my liking.

If you can’t handball because you are too busy stiff arming opponents then you need to be breaking away, not throwing it blindly on the boot.

Around goals it doesn’t matter because he just shoots but up the field he’s costing us a lot of possession, much like Myers.

Something for him to work on.