#25 Jake Stringer


That kick when he tried the right-angle banana only to kick it straight into the crowd was truly horrid. No-one in league footy should be that one-sided.


While we are a chance to beat the WEagles, a belting is a bit too much to hope for, l would be grateful for any win.

Stringer is tracking beautifully right now, he has exceeded my expectations for where l thought he might be. Plenty of reason to be optimisitic about his continued development and progress going forward. There is a lot to work with, and he is nowhere near the ceiling of his potential yet.


there are exceptions


Clarke, Guelfi & Mynott will all provide good two-way running.


Playing ■■■■■■ well. Reckon he’ll be a good midfielder in 2020 if he continues the work on his fitness.
Until then he’s working well in the centre square for ball ups and then tracking forward and jagging goals. Gun.


Stringer has been consistent all year, though it’s the last 4 or 5 weeks where he has received rewards - Had 2 poor games for the year - There are two type of poor games - The more common is when you get to lots of contests, but fumble terribly, make poor decisions and look out of the sorts - The second type of poor game is when you are effectively invisible 95% of the time - Stringer’s two poor games fall into the last category.



Two wheels in a row for Jake the Snake!


You missed the joke aimed at DKP. Wasn’t talking about Stringer.


l was joking also, with my first line.


When Jake was dancing with his sisters in the midfield during the preseason the club was very very impressed with his stoppage craft. Now since he built his match fitness we are starting to see what he can do and I really like it.

We have now improved our stoppage performance even against top ruckmen and the midfield defensive work has improved ( Except the glitch in the Richmond game) Tommy, Jake and Hepp have been the main drivers, and now that Zerret is picking up form, our midfield is starting to look a lot better


These are some career high stats for Stringer.

  • Had his career high amount of disposals in 2018

  • Had his career high amount of tackles in 2018

  • Had his career high amount of clearances in 2018

  • Had his career high amount of kicks and handballs in 2018

  • Had his career high amount of inside 50’s 2018

  • Had his second career high rebound 50’s in 2018

  • Had his career highest AFL fantasy score in 2018

These are all very positive signs that Jake is taking his football seriously at Essendon and is making the most of his second chance.

But you know the media will not report any of this because it isn’t a slant against Stringer or Essendon.

SOURCE: https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/pp-essendon-bombers--jake-stringer


The best sign for me about Jake is that what he is doing at the moment is more based on sheer hard work and grit.

I think he’s still miles off in terms of regularly showing his match winning abilities that he showed at the dogs.

If he can maintain his upward trajectory in regards to his work ethic as well as get his magic back we have a very exciting footballer on our hands.


The fact he went head to head with Dustin Martin and arguably came out on top, says a lot about what he could become with consistency.


It will come. He’s doing the hard work - as the stats show. The talent doesn’t go away, so the two are going to combine soon for something very exciting. Which is damn exciting because already he is among our best players.

Maybe after that, even favourable media attention might have to finally come as well - you know - forced to and all that.


Yeah, Jake the 24 yr old has ambitions of being a Dusty / Danger type and is tracking in the right direction for sure. There was always going to be a spike in endeavour coming to a new club but I have every confidence he’ll continue to do the work. He wants to get the most out of his career and make his girls proud and what better place to achieve that ambition than with 1 of the biggest clubs, steeped in rich history. Wouldn’t it be nice if he became a champion of the EFC!? Times on his side


I have no doubt he will get back to his best if not exceed it considering how young he was when he was All-Australian.

He’s an exciting footballer.


I just like that he breaks tackles and tackles hard. He’s probably our toughest player atm.

He’s doing the simple stuff - which is important when settling into a new club.


He hasnt reached his potential yet. Glad he has strung some good games together…

You cant go off about Blitz asking for Stringer to go forward.
He needed his confidence up, which it went up and we still wanted him to do cameos in the midfield till his tank built up.
The zaharakis injury and Heppell Injury meant he had to shoulder more load last couple of weeks and he did very well. And his tanks seems to have improved somewhat as well.