#25 Jake Stringer


I think so.


Could be anything.


Set us alight in the first.

Looks like he is really enjoying himself.


bees ■■■■ off having an absolutely monuental game, still had an awesome one that set-up the win.


Barely scratching the surface of his capabilities. Think a BIG game is just around the corner for him.


Totally agree, he absolutely looks in 3rd gear still too, which is pretty scary (for the opposition).

I don’t think it is out of the question that he could be one of the great Essendon players of this generation. Time will tell of course.


dusty don’t take marks like that, dusty don’t even fly from them

yes was a bee’s ■■■■ of one of an absolute showing, if he keeps this up by the end of the month expect a 5 goal haul jake stringer special


Could nominate us any day now.


Won’t get stringer


He’ll win our goalkicking by a mile


Connors hate us

Had coffee with Danger and Selwood

Going to Geelong


that play where he almost took the big grab, and then attempted goal over the shoulder which ended up hitting the post.

reminded me so much of this goal. Has some of the party tricks like Snr too.


They’re good blokes. Leadership.
Can’t see why he wouldn’t nominate Geelong


They always just get it done

Dodoro will stuff this up

Nek minnit…


Funny I thought exactly the same thing.


Watched Stringer before the game with the kids, genuinely a nice guy. I used to think he was a flog, but he has a good heart.


definitely has the ablt snr’s about him up forward, huge unit to stop from getting up for a mark but also a complete rabbit when the ball hits the deck

love his passion and ■■■■ stirring, that last goal was so good at the ground, lights the crowd up does jakey

we’re definitely getting more out of him consistently game after game than the dogs ever did, and another game where he almost had another 1 or 2.


He was sensational today. Presented, created, did the team things, composed in the chaos. Also appears that he is enjoying his team mates and vice versa. I now feel confident that something good will happen more often than not when he’s around the ball, he has that star ability to make it go our way against the trend. Havent felt that kind of confidence about one of ours for a while.


Yep he was sensational. And it’s the one percenters that really stand out. Shepherding on the goal line, positioning and blocking in contests. He’s a very smart footballer and, honestly, that surprised me.


Best part for me is that he looks to be enjoying himself and seems happy to be an EFC player. Perhpas he realises what being at a club like ours can do for a person and he is embracing all aspects.