#25 Jake Stringer


Give this guy another couple of seasons and he could well be an out and out star of the competition.
Coming along absolutely beautifully.


Lots of angst out there re his little wave while he let the clock run down at the end.

‘Not in the spirit of the game’ type stuff.

I loved it.


Yep. About time we had some mongrel headed hateable players that get under the opposition skin. He’s great!!


Give us a spell. When a bloke gives you a fifty that drags you to the goal line to seal the game you let him know, been happening forever. And he still took less time to have his shot than Ben Brown.


Kicked four bags of 3 in his last 5 games.


Really starting to repay the faith shown in him by the club.

You can tell he has embraced the club and vice versa.

The crowd loves him and you can just see his confidence growing every game.

He was great again today.


Question though - could he have gotten pinged for time wasting (aka Fitzpatrick) by not even making a realistic attempt to take a set shot?


Nup. He’s got 30 seconds, and then it’s play on. Pretty hard to call time wasting under those rules.


You reckon margetts would miss the opportunity if he could?


“I prepare for taking a set shot by standing still with my hands on hips. Prove otherwise Kents”


Wasn’t it a North bloke who do it last year?


Still can’t quite believe he plays for us.


Either can a certain clown called Beveridge.


We’ll both have a long time to come to terms with it.


Jake did look a little spent in the second half, e.g. in the third, marking space in def 50 with an unmarked player behind him, while pointing to a team mate (who was minding a player) to pick him up. It’s possible whatever ailed him against the Eagles is still affecting him? Having said that, Mr Excitement is so much fun to watch


Lots to like about this.

It has been a win win for everyone. Jake seems genuinely happy with his teammates. And they with him.
Woosha is pleased with his development. Well done to all at the club for getting him back as a dangerous footballer.

He is not a cameo player, but is working and impacting through the whole game. And he can get even better as time goes on.


Still hasn’t nominated us publically!!!


Goldstein violently assaulting Zerrett off the ball is not in the spirit of the game.

The little wave in response to cunnington again violently assaulting one of our players, that is about .000001% of the reaction those north cheap hit ■■■■■ deserved

was perfect, the roar after from the crowd being there was a great memory i’ll savour for a long time

was poetic justice



To be fair a lot of players looked fairly spent in the second half