#25 Jake Stringer


It was fantastic. Norf fans can get farked. If I recall correctly, Mason Wood brought this tactic to the spotlight against St Kilda. Tasting your own medicine hurts.


Has come up to speed a lot quicker than most of us on here thought he would. At the start of the season the consensus was that he would have limited impact this year, but look out in 2019! He is barnstorming right now, going from strength to strength, and getting better at a rapid rate of knots.


HE was clearly showing the crowd the dance moves he did at an Italian wedding on Saturday night…da da da da da da da…da da da a da da da quack quack quack quack.


that was highlight of the day for mine.


Imagine a fully fit Stringer, Raz and Joe. Oppositions teams will have no chance of stopping them.


Not usually a fan of moving a player around from position to position but it seems to be working really well for Stringer.

Is having an impact when in the middle and is very dangerous when playing forward.

Is playing really well but still hasn’t put together a full four quarters.


They move players through the midfield anyway so he won’t be on ball all the time. Plus his fitness is not there as a full-time onballer yet. The fact we can put him forward and he is there as a genuinely dangerous forward is a massive plus for him and the side.


Stringer was always one of those players I looked at and thought “I really wish he played for us”.


It can be really difficult for players to have such a big impact in two areas of the game but Stringer is doing it very well. Orazio is another that can do it.

If Langford can start to really dominate games forward and in midfield then we will be far more dangerous.


There was a game against Adelaide a few years back where he went full ‘Ablett Snr’ mode, and I just spent the whole time lamenting…

‘Damn… How come we never draft guys like this?’

I’m still a bit giddy about him playing for us.


The Stringer/Val Venis thing the most disturbing thing yesterday


Good thing the poster that did it, doesn’t have a history of making repeating memes out of his posts.


I had to google Val Venis, and yep I can see your point.


I doubt we’ll ever see it again.


It’s almost like he was left out of the party yesterday, then decided he needed to join in. You can see him, Raz and McKernan are big fans of the freak goals, love kicking them and love celebrating them. Must be a competition as to who can kick the freakiest goals.


McKenna puts on a very impressive foot show in the pre pre-game warm ups. Just uses his feet to pick up the ball and bounce it between his feet and then pings a shot at goal. Soccer stuff with the oval ball.

Maybe one day, we are 120 points up at the 33 minute mark of the last quarter he does one.

and then runs off to get the blast from Woosha


I like that when Jake plays forward he plays from the goal square.


Jake’s wasting of 30 secs having a shot for goal didn’t kill the game for North, that idiot Cunnington giving away 50 by being a d**k did. But hey, Jake’s an easy target because he has been terrible this year and was a high profile recruit. Oh, wait…

Love him.


Yup looked like he was loving his front row seat to the Raz and Smack show


Agree with this i was disappointed with his laziness around this part of the game i was watching him closely and he refused to pick a player up which resulted in a goal. There was about a 15min period towards the end of the 3rd and start of the 4th where he just seemed to be walking around aimlessly. His past month has been superb, but seeing this made me realise that kinda thing is what likely got under the skin of the bulldogs.