#25 Jake Stringer


Would be infinitely better of he did that in the dying minute of the grand final, us 5 points down and we win by a point.


Things I like about Jake:

Is team orientated, hands goals to others in better position.
Flies the flag for the young blokes/Little blokes as required. Seems to love it.
Kicks goals.

There will be more.


Didn’t get to watch the game yesterday but saw highlights on the AFL site, looks like he is loving footy at the moment.


How good do we look when stringer is isolated deep with space to lead into and tippa tearing through half forward with the pill.

Contrast that to 3 deep tall forwards.


Great point.


His field kicking was exceptionally good yesterday and deserves a mention. Multiple times he lowered the eyes and hit up targets lace out


Is BT right? Could Stringer get done for time wasting even if he doesn’t use his 30 seconds?
And if this is a rule when has it been applied against Richmond and Sydney?


“Hello Ladies”



Good thing no one has been classless enough to mention “choppy choppy your pee pee”.


On the time wasting - recall Montagna doing it in the goal square which was frowned upon by the AFL. He didn’t have 30s to burn though, just stood their bouncing it until an opponent finally got there to force him to kick the goal.

Not sure how its worse than hockey, soccer or basketball, even in AFL they have kick to kick in the defensive 50 at times to milk the clock. How is it different?


Last year, if Daniher went down it would be season over.

Stringer is so important to our forwardline structure. But now we are using him where we need him. There was a period when we started getting belted in the clearnances. Stringer got moved to the midfield and sorted us out.

He’s an absolute gun.


‘frowned upon’ ffs
Who gives a ■■■■ about frowning?
It’s either legal or not. Clear it up.


Umm, didn’t you just mention it? I have no idea what you are talking about BTW.


Val Venus Schtick as a wrestler was taking a towel off. How the hell dis that become a thing.


When you believe anything BT says, shoot yourself.


I think the AFL are more worried about cosmetics than the technicalities.

If teams or players start getting done for time wasting though, its probably a good time to move on from the sport.


Yes it is right.

There is no mention of a player having 30 seconds to have a shot at goal under rule 16.3 Kicking for Goal.

In fact there is also no mention of how long a player has to dispose of the ball after a mark or free kick in general play before the umpire calls play on either. Rule 17.2 details all the circumstances under which an umpire can call play on and it basically says that an umpire can call play on when a player has failed to move the ball on after being directed to do so.

So, the 5 or so seconds that a player has before the umpire calls “move it on” and then “play on” is just a convention. Somewhere its been agreed that 5 seconds or so is about the right amount of time.

It looks like the 30 second ‘rule’ for shots at goal is the same thing. The AFL have decided that it is sensible to give a player longer to line up a shot at goal but they don’t want them taking all day about it, so agreed that 30 seconds was about right. So again the convention is that umpires will give the players 30 seconds to have their shot at goal (or start their approach) - its not a rule.

A player can have a free kick awarded against them for time wasting (an unnecessary delay in play) under rule 15.11.1

The 30 second convention is to allow a player to compose himself - take a few deep breaths, clean the ball, line up the kick etc. Its not there so a player can just blatantly stand there and ‘waste time’ and wave to the crowd.

I wouldn’t mind betting that all Clubs get a memo from the AFL this week.

Having said all that. Suck it North.


its not that simple really.

stringer could just have easily casually walked 30 meters back to have a ben brown type run up at goal.

is it a bad look to have a player have an excessively long run up for such a short kick? surely he doesnt need it and is just time wasting… but it probably isnt as bad a look as him doing what he did, therefore its acceptable? nah, its too complicated.

the 30 second rule was stupid in the first place and probably tried to clear up that grey area you are talking about, but its just impossible.

you simply allow the 30 seconds, and if the player wants to be a ■■■■■■■ and waste it, then thats his prerogative.


I have no problem with players taking their 30 seconds for a shot at goal. What I hate is a player 60 metres out taking the 30 seconds and then passing it off to someone else. Looking at you Dusty.


So they instruction should then he to run to the opposite side of of ground, then starting your walk up and take a minute to get to there.
Everything is interpretable in this game, and it’s getting worse.