#25 Jake Stringer


Also worth noting that there were players clearly within the ten metre protected area. Yes, they couldn’t pay another fifty in this case (and I further note the ump had no issue with the guy “on” the mark coming into the goal square) but if the ump does call play on then you should have a reasonable expectation you won’t immediately get dumped from behind.

The above meant that at first I assumed Stringer was simply waiting for the ump to get his ■■■■ together.


Fark Norf, Fark umpires, Fark AFL, Fark Margetts, Fark Gill, Fark “the look”, Fark Carlton and Fark Norf again.

Up Stringer Fark Port



Fair and balanced post.




all freaking day this was happening. rule of the week, well last week anyway.


I noted in a post last week how umpires never seem to worry about the protected area in the f50 arch.


or at all, anymore. rule has just disappeared.


Is that the big yellow one out front of maccas?


He should have started his run up from the centre square


Club official showing intent to have a go at Jake when we play them again next year. Classy.


intent to have a go? really?


No, not really. I’m just enjoying them not enjoying it.


I thought it was introduced to target Matthew Lloyd. Robert “Farkead” Walls, as part of his never-ending anti-Essendon vendetta, had been banging on for months about Lloyd’s routine with the socks and grass in the air, and eventually the certified imbeciles on the Rules Committee decided that they should make a new rule, and so the 30 second period commenced. As a matter of fact it had no impact on Lloyd, because although he had the set routine it wasn’t actually using 30 seconds, but it’s remained.

And soon no doubt there will be an exception introduced allowing the umpires, at their discretion, to give a free kick to the opposition if they think the 30 second rule is being abused.


All bark no bite. They got just as upset over Neilsen/Hooker last year.


Me too. In his draft year he was the guy that I wanted at EFC. So happy we have him and that he is rotating through the midfield and kicking goals.


Yeah, Fevola (and a few others) had significantly longer setups than Lloyd.


Correct. I still remember the footy show when the Lloyd rule implemented. Fevola was there as well and the guys were showing he takes about 40 odd seconds and lloydy was at about 28.
FK Robert walls, double fark carlton and eat all of the dcks north you ■■■■■■ tin rattlers.


Rarely have truer words been spoken


Yeah I think you are right about it being a Lloyd thing.

The umpires already have the discretion to give a free kick to the opposition if they think the 30 ‘rule’ is being abused. That was the point of my waffle.


Looks like a skinhead, plays like a troll; I’m sure there is someone on the politics board who’d love those things about him