#25 Jake Stringer


I hope Jakes gives a little wave to the Collingwood cheer squad before he slams through match sealing goal this weekend.


They’d probably ping him for running too far.


Fck me north are an absolute ■■■■ ant excuse of a club. Some of the dumbest supporters going around and that’s saying something when you have teams like fark cartank and the scum.

I legit hope they fold or get moved to Tasmania as the Tassie Wombats


That would be gold


Their such a tiny club they should be called the North Melbourne Quokkas


Equivalent angst to me when the umpires refuse Myers his 30 seconds if kicking from outside 50. It’s up to him if he thinks he can make the distance or not. Not the umpires.


I hate it when a player does that. If it were up to me the ball would be brought back and handed to the opposition. Gaming the system should not be allowed.


Yep they need to amend the rule, only 1x30s per team per chain of possession.
So, a bloke 65m out can take his 30s if he chooses, but if he passes it, or it falls short and a teammate marks it, that bloke only gets the standard 5s or so.
Will prevent teams doing what Melbourne did last year, taking 30s then passing it multiple times to drain the clock.


Could they? I would have thought they could only call move it on, and play on like they do with any other kick. Though it would be contraversial because they give everyone else 30 seconds.


You get in the bowl.


Only ever going to be a forward. Sick of this club trying to turn forwards into midfielders.


Yet the umpires are dumb ■■■■■ enough to let Le Cras get away with “tying his shoelace” (bending over to catch his breath) at the top of his run, they let players put the ball down and wait for them to pick it up before starting the clock, they’ll let Ben Brown take a 40m walking run up for a 20m kick, and they let Franklin run off his line every set shot he ever takes.

Stringer waiting (most of) his 30 seconds is far from the worst culprit.


All they have to do is stop the farkin clock from mark whistle. If the kicker is taking too long, give him the hurry up. No need for farkin shot clocks and gaming the system.


Anyway. Stringer kicked a match sealing goal and played it perfectly. He’s a tough, brilliant, arsey, smart ■■■■ and he’s ours. Love how he gets around the other guys. Pulled Zach up and embraced him after getting flattened during his goal. Tough bloke team man. Bask in it because he’s going to be wonderful.


What Stringer needs to do next time is to show he is in the preparation phase of preparing his shot for goal - There is no need to be looking at the clock or giving hand signals.


You know whats funny if that was Dustin Martin no one would bat an eye lid


Man up


Nope. FK em.
The arrogance attitude and what we display as distain for the other teams is great now.
First time in ages we go the agro after someone hits one of our boys. Love it.


I want us to be feared again.

For too long we have been a nice team guys like Stringer,Smith,Fantasia give us cheek


Would still like to see us respond more aggressively when one of our players gets dropped.