#25 Jake Stringer


I look forward to the ump paying a free kick against a player having a shot on goal to win the game by 3 points if he kicks it but is clearly wasting time.

I will enjoy it more if it happens to say Collingwood and then watch the media explode over it for a week.

A sweet sentence that should be retained for all time.


It’s in fact the exact opposite of arrogance and disdain. We have respected our opponents and taken them very seriously. We have beaten them by outworking them.

The day we start being arrogant is the day we will start to lose.


The Richmond loss was the loss we needed.


A win against “Mike Huntingwood” would prove it.


To be fair - it could have been ‘the win we needed’ also.
So - win-win.


The obviousness is the entire point of doing it. ■■■■■■ off every North person on the field and in the stands.


I love that he did it.
I love that he did it to that pissant club.
I love that he’s Ours.
Still…still haven’t quite accepted it, but I love it.

And he’s gonna get better.
Golly gosh, he’s gonna tear ‘tough’ midfields apart, and then be some kids worst nightmare in the forward-line when he’s resting.

I don’t think anyone’s really cottoned on to just how dominant this guy could be.


HF: Fantasia, Daniher, TIPPA
FF: Stringer, Smack, some boring bloke



Are you suggesting getting Lloydy back in a pocket


M. Brown




Eddie Betts 1yr contract.

Then coaching &/or indigenous support role


That would really burn Carlton fans if Betts decides he wants to end his career back home in Essendon colours lols


Heath O’Loughlin, putting extra ‘twit’ into twitter.


North wankers already thinking about when they play us again.
You played us last weekend, ■■■■■.
Whatever you want to do, maybe you should have done it then?

Oh, you did?
And you lost?
Cool story, bro.

We don’t care if we never play you again.


North fans so salty



If smack finds just a shred of consistency that is quite clearly one of the best forward lines in the comp


tippa missed it but his pass in the 1st was sublime

30 seconds later, shoves his opponent into a post to let myers goal go through

such a weapon



At different times he’s shown all aspects - the grunt, the burst, the deep forward craft, the finish.
The work rate is there, the fitness is improving, the tackling is waaaay better than he’s ever shown before.

When that all comes together? Every week, even 2 weeks out of every 3?
Boy oh flipping boy. Jake_waving_at_pleb.gif


He’s starting to play like how he described himself on his pre draft interviews.