#25 Jake Stringer


If our midfield gets to the point where we can afford to play Smith of the HFF then we are a top 2 team imho or we have successfully lured Gaff. But if Smith could bring this level of pressure to the forward line then he becomes one of the best HF’s in the comp.


Well he is truly Essendon now that the AFL have come out over what he did even though countless others abuse the 30 second clock.
Welcome Jake!


Has embraced the club and his team mates love him



“Umpires are being instructed to call play on if a player is deliberately wasting time before beginning his run in towards goal, a tactic that has crept into the game as clubs try to hold a lead in the dying stages of close games.”


Honestly still can’t believe we got him so cheap, what were the bulldogs thinking?!


More like what was bevvo thinking? Throws stringer out the door and demands s good price for him foad mate.

Kind of deranged thinking you expect from a whovian.


“The Essendon Rule”. They also forgot to mention it is followed by “free kick Hawthorn” or “got him high, free kick Selwood”.


What is whovian


A Dr Who fan


I was going to suggest that. Or someone off battlefield Earth


A filthy degenerate.



If he can just tare the filth apart tomorrow he will be a hero…


That would be nice.


How refreshing is it to finally have a player worthy of being boo’d just for looking like a gigantic c*nt.

Not because of peptides, diving etc, just for being a cheeky c*nt.


Not surprised he gets boo’d.

Every time he gets an opportunity he throws an opposition player to the ground or gets in their face and roughs them up.

He’s an absolute pest and I love it.


Out for a month with a calf.


seriously? Did playing the game out make it worse?


■■■■■■ news. Was the injury made worse from him staying on the field yesterday. We literally were down 3 players.


Love it. Glad it’s back.