#25 Jake Stringer


Forward line without Joe, Raz and Stringer. Looks like we’re gonna be re-visiting EFC circa 2010-16 levels of fwd line quality. Stick a fork in us, we’re done.


ah crap


Smack and Brown



Who’s actually going to come in for Stringer who can play a mix of midfield and forward?

We’re really running out of numbers now.

I can see them playing Langford forward more now, which I don’t really like. I still want him getting plenty of midfield minutes.





We’ll be lucky if Fantasia is okay to play. Otherwise, I have no idea.


Green will come in we have no choice


It was interesting that he kicked 3 behinds on the weekend. I don’t particularly want him playing forward. It would be interesting whether he was playing forward when he kicked them or we just had a press going at the time and he bombed them from around 50.


Maybe Jim Stewart gets a recall?


Would love to know why he was thrown into ruck contests against cox during the third quarter. Trying to leap to match Cox’s height, no ■■■■■■ wonder he did a calf.


Francis was thrown forward in the last quarter in a last ditch attempt to pinch a win. Didn’t work unfortunately although he took a couple of nice marks.


Can only assume Smack was off ground and Belly was hampered himself so hanging back behind the ball.

Injury gods really did not look after us this week.


It’s a massive out.

Stringer is so important for us. Especially with Daniher injured.


If Stewart was to come in for Stringer, at least he’d be playing his proper position


Probably unpopular opinion but I still believe. Laverdes hammy was only supposed to be 2 weeks and had a belter the game he did it. Would he come in?


Yet again a player mismanaged until breaks down.
He was sore in the north game hence he spent more time in the forwardline, then he plays last week and does it completely and out for a month.
Fitness and medical department have had a shocker yet again.

Those saying theres no choice in who to replace him with, theres plently of choice.
You could move goddard out of the backline to the forwardline and play ridley and i guess francis now with ambrose gone for the year.

No doubt it’ll be green or laverde though, i mean why try somwthing new when you can go back to the samr old well that hasnt worked before right.


that was my thought. got sore, played through the game, played the next week and explodes.

this is becoming too frequent an occurrence for us


Did I hear that he was hampered by a calf at some stage of the game and played on? What I saw during Essendon’s last goal was a bloke hobbling about clearly restricted. Surely, with any injury you’d take the player out of the game to avoid further damage? 4 weeks is a long time to have the match winner missing. If Essendon won the game the loss wouldn’t be felt so hard I guess. Still …


He was hampered in the second half of the north game.


Hampered with a calf? If so, another poor example of not managing injured players properly?